Thursday, September 15, 2005


Today I was late again, the morning meeting was held at 815 every morning(except for Friday due to assembly).. as a result the boss shows me the grinning look again. Hoh!! Not a good start.
Heheh,, this story is just for boys, have u guys ever wonder why is it that women can really know where do you stare, its like they actually looking intently at your eyes while u’re having a conversation with them. They can really know if u’re interested in her stories or just playing ‘I’m all ears’ (in other words, I’m listening but thinking bout that damn nice looking car that pass us just now). Maybe it’s a fact that us men cannot do multiple thing in one time, wanna scratch ..scratch…don’t sneeze..hehehe..well something like that lah pocket…and we cant lie, kitto bareru.. Question : can men really lie? We all know that women can be really tremendously good in lying but can men lie? I don’t think so.. cause I’ve always kantul in few of my previous attempt huhuuuuu!! ok this was the real story….
I was staring to this beautyfull 'scenery' in my office, as I was getting khushuk ….
Kak Hana : Haaaa!! Mano tgk tu !!?
Me : Eh tak der lah.. tgh duk pikir pasal report nii haa..
Kak Hana : yer la tuu.. cam la orang tak tau mano dia duk usha..
Me : mano ado .. report ni haa.. cam tak kuar ayat la plak..
Panicked and starting to pretend like typing something….
Kak Hana : Huh!! nampak sangat anak mato dia td kat mano.. jangaaaannnn tunang orang tuuuuu
Me : Hehehe… ado ado jer la kak hana nii.. ^^;

Huh!! am I that obvious?
Woman can really know where is your focal point when u’re talking to them. At her eyes … her nose… her dagu … not to forget a little bit further to the south. Hummm dont want to elaborate more on this points, I dont think the sisters gonna like it.. heheh..
what other quality that u find amazing bout woman haa pocket? hummm for me, it'll be the kesabaran during doing the hair, the face, the tudong and the accesories. Huh!! ganas kan.. they can spend one hour just doing the preparation for a date and all we can say is
'lawa awak ari ni' with a little smile :)
me? i'm botak cuz i dont wanna do my hair.. niss still wit da long hair?


yuuichirounis said...

Aiseh...rambut panjang simpan shitakatta kedo, kalau simpan kompem tak dapat keja yg skrg nih...mensetsu kena rambut pendek bang!...
Tp rambut chuutohanpa pendek ni gyakuni makin payah nak jaga.Sebulan sekali gurai nak kena trim2..kang bos silap2 tgk mcm penyangak pulak..heheh...
Jya botak ni shiyou ka?...lagi sonang ...tak gitu?

yankiut said...

humm..dah tak merajuk dah..tgh buat blog gak ni..tapi saikin idup boring gile..trying to find the switch button to bring the fun back in life..nak kena beranak lagi kot nih hahhaha

pocket said...

Humm.. memang kalau chutohampa nyer pendet tte susah nak jaga, either botak or panjang,heheh so niss,, butak lahhh!! hehe.. yan nak branak lg? kekadang tak terasa ker cam bosan ngan idup? wanna do something interesting in life.. hehe.. interesting sangat kang tak sempat nak kampul and time need to consider jgak kekawan.. not to forget battery