Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Dan mungkin bila nanti..
kita kan bertemu laaagi ..
satu pinta ku jangan kau cuba tanyakan kembali..
rasa yang ku pintal mati..
Everyday Pocket, I have to go through 3 traffic light and a traffic jam. Well it doesn’t change much with me and the EX5 la kan , since we can sui sui cilok through the traffic jam. Well at least that was what I thought. For this traffic jam, its different. Why ? cause it was from utara selatan highway, transit to penang bridge. Got people from the north and another road came by to join in the crowd , from butterworth. Bottom line .. quite a mess lah..
So whenever I go to work in the morning, if all the traffic light turns green as I goes through them, I’ll be feeling like that day is gonna be fine for me. Somehow I will think like that la .. dunno why lah pocket.. it’s a human thing .. but if the traffic light turns bad on me.. hoh.. then I’ll think that the days is gonna be merciless to me. If all the traffic light turns red on me, hoh.. I’ll turn back to the house and take MC hehehe.. well no lah.. of course I’ll be going to work but with full precautions of what is going to be happening to me during the day.
Why do I think that? Because the day of the presentation in Japanese, I was stopped by all the trafficlight and the traffic jam was a mess as usual, almost hit a car once:) hehehe..
Huh!! I know in our religion there’s no such thing right.. but .. some how makes me think that there are related. Heheh like an early clue or whatsoever. Adding to all the frustration, the beautiful scenery already wore the company’s uniform, (New staff have to wear own baju for the first two weeks) so .. no more nice scenery for me la kan.. hummmmm….
Think of it in the big picture..
da japan incident was a clue for me to be a better man?
Da SPM incident was a clue for me to go to japan?
All da main main during pmr leads me to go to MRSM Beseri?
Question : Am I a better man? Hoh!!!

Pocket pocket… I miss da old days la ,, what about u guys? Sisters?
Don’t u guys miss da good old days..
mkn eskirm at da haagen dazs :P heheh.
Tgk wayang.. Rasa Sayang.. rokuroshii
yakiniku on top of the world.
Saat semua disiniiiii….


yankiut said...

SETUJU..SETUJU..aku setuju sgt bundle bila every benda yg berlaku dlm hidup ni mesti ade sebab..tak tau le org lain cemane..tapi bila kekadang pk pasal life nih dan bila menyusuri kehidupan nih balik perasan le it's all GOD punya plan..tapi sampai skrg yg tak ketemu jawapan ialah kenapa lps PMR dapat sekolah yg dekat ngan tempat leh naik feri tuh..yg tuh je remains a mystery..yang lelain tuh kebanyakannya dah tau dah sbbnya ape..

yuuichirounis said...

pun setuju...everything happens for a reason...

still finding the reason,still muhasabah diri,...