Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hui!!Hui!! pocket,

Today was the wedding day. Last night I have went to the bride’s house, why? Cause I have to know the way first, its better that I got lost in the middle of the night than to get lost this morning and start to call everybody who is already busy with other arrangement.
So last night I’ve went there, they were doing the inai so I’ve joint them. I’ve got a biawak and a fish bone on my handJ I’ll show it to you after the photo of it is developed. So this morning I’ve arrived there at 8 in the morning. Had my self two roti canai and a nasi lemak, and there I was terpacak in front of the brides house. She told me that she’ll be going to make up at this place, where the make up person is so good. He even done Siti Norhaliza’s face. And he is the private make up artist for Bienda (Whoever that is lah) if the Bienda ever comes up here ( to the north side) Ok back to the me terpacak waiting for the brides to invite me inside.
Then after I have met the brides family, sit myself on the floor watching the merdeka march, waiting.. waiting.. already 920 but still waiting.. then I’ve got this call.. ‘eh aswan!! Sory kak husna tak ingat kan aswan, kak husna dah sampai dah kedai makeup nii haa.. kang ado orang gi amik aswan yek..’… and u know what pocket, I was supposed to take the b4 and after make up photo of the bride but she forgot about me.. how come?
HEHE , maybe the akad nikah thing was all in her head, she could not think of any others kut. So after the make up (which cost about rm80) and the bersiap baju and the tudung. Here comes the groom. So off we went to the nearby masjid. The imam is already at his place, the groom take his place and the khutbah starts. By then I’ve already starting to take the groom’s pic. And also not to forget the imam’s. then here comes the lafaz. Hehe.. at this point.. the masjid was berkelip kelip with the camera’s flash light. Huh.. and the groom handsomely lafaz the akad nikah wit one breath …’sah?’ asked the imam, ‘sah’ answered the saksi. Hohoho.. takuuuuuutttttt.. if it was me in that situation, I would surely have gagap…
Somehow kan pocket.. during the akad nikah ceremony, I couldn’t stop smiling. Dunno why.. some day it’ll be me on the grooms place shaking the imam’s hands swearing the oath and the ‘I do’… well of course for my case ‘ aku terima nikah nya siti norhaliza binti taruddin dengan maskahwin 25 ringgit suku tunaaaaaaiiiiii’ huh!! That’ll be hard pocket!! My heart starting to beat tango rhythm just by thinking of it.
And the make up that the bride have to go through, she didn’t have any food for the day just because she didn’t want to ruin the lipstick.. hoh!! Maybe I’ll think about this matter in some other time lah pocket.. hheheeh.. nanka kowaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii

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