Friday, September 23, 2005


Today I’ve went to Isshin, a Japanese restaurant nearby to eat with the customer. Well u see pocket, everytime customer came to visit us, it will be our honor to belanja makan at a nice restaurant. Which is usually mahal mahal one, so at this isshin, I’ve eaten shishamo, gyu bata yaki, torikaraage, sashimi (my fav.)sabayaki, and of course cawan mushii.. hohooo!!! Mati kenyang la pakciiikkk!!! Heheh..
My brother once said to me like this “masa dek*** duk kat jpun dulu, cam tak tau apo kabo,, mati ke idup, sihat ke idak… sumer orang kat sini mati kutu jgak, apo la kono eh jang? At least antar surat ker .. kalau pun nak phone tak der wit sangat pun .. at least ….kitorang dah start pikir yg dek*** dah…..“
And he stops there. Its like it was sooo hard the time when they were missing me . hoh!! Missing people is like that haa.. but me , in japan .. I was busy thinking of my next meal.. my next keja .. my kouriki ni.. I think bout them all the time , but maybe its just not enough..
missing people u love is like hell kan .. cam siksa jer ..
I have a kawan, we’ve been kawan since standard two, he was my dearest friend. We were like brother. When I landed in KLIA last spring, I wanted to call him. His mother says that he was undetectable. What? His mother says that he was undetectable, I was upset, what kinda son who goes missing without telling the mom.
Think of it … kena atas batang idung sendiri
Lately, since I’ve started dis blog kan pocket… frenz started to write something to me.. atleast I got feedback, this is nice. And then it comes to me… the feeling.. its actually the feeling of knowing that ….
…the sisters down south is loving her son and living a happy life..
…the brother in the middle is bz giving ELI a bath every Saturday and happy doing it ..
…the sister who are doing kancil bisnes somewhere in rawang is happy with her life.. tulih la blog …=)
…my brother, da banji.. is reading this Eventhough he never comment….
Is realy nice.. felt like at least I know that u guys is still alive and well..
Guys.. lets keep this.. till they burn down :I heheh


yankiut said...

aku ade abang kandung skrg yg hilang..tak dapat dikesan..dipercaya duduk kat luar negara sekarang nih..adik beradik aku semua dah akirameta carik dia..tapi mak aku tak pernah-pernah berhenti mengharap nak jumpa anak dia sebelum menutup mata buat kali terakhir..aku rasa very cruel sape yg buat camtuh pada mak dier..whatever the problem..mum will always love her son..

yuuichirounis said...

yer ker kak yan...isk..terus bersabar jer la yek..

nice writing pocket,chotto kandou..

after all,our hope is just live a happy life..happy dunia happy akhirat..

pocket said...

how do you know u're happy? when the first thought that comes to your mind in da mornin is 'yes another day,cant wait to do that and do this, how was that thing, looking forward to hear from her'
but not 'alaaaa.. dah pagi la plak.. hoh..malas nyer nak gi kejaaaa'