Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Dey!pocket!! today is soooo penat lah .. dunno why..maybe it because i have been jalan jalan a lot lately so no feelings anymore to do any work lah.. i've taken people's photo during the annual dinner recently. I wanted to make some money, but it turns out that i dont have any time to go and cuci... hoh..and all the person who wanted the photo from me.. will come to me (when i was so goddam bz!!) asking ..'when is the photo will be ready?'.. Dey!! cant u see that i'm in no condition to talk bout the stupid picture.. huh!! ntah hapa hapa ntah.. yeah i know that they wanted the photo to simpan wat kenangan or something.. but please consider la that i'm in sooooo deep shit right now.. totally not in the mood to sell anything to you. so .. can u please back off!!! tte iitakatta kedo .. dekinai.. sometime being a nice guy is very tormenting.
so thats about it la for today pocket.. one of those gloomy day for me.. but .. i've seen her.. i've talked with her.. eaten some nasi beriyani.. beef steak wit her.. so .. its actually balanced out .. all the minus and the plus... keep on senyum and keep on wit da life lah..

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