Friday, September 23, 2005


Today is the third day I’m having lamb curry. Dunno why but the lamb curry here is so delicious, never failed to salivate me…and I always fall on the seduction of lambs lemak huhuuuu… I always take a little sum of nasi only, but I concentrate on the lauk. Three piece of kambing, one tlur goreng, two scoop of sayur and kuah taruk atas.. rm5.50!!! Haaaaaa!!!!!
It turns out that the kambing was 150 per piece.hoh!!
Our canteen doesn’t have to fight for customer (since we are their permanent customer) they don’t have to pay for the gas and water. They don’t have to pay for the building.. but still they’re taking 50 cents for sunny side up and 50 cents for one scoop of sayur. The kambing was 150 sounds cheap considering outside restaurant would usually charge u for 2~3 ringgit perpiece, but the volume of one piece is different… here is toooooo small,
Only dua jari gurai…
They’re taking too much. We could not comment, its pricy but the food is great and much more better than the past canteen. They even did something to display the food. Yellow light and nice wall, the ‘5S’ also nice, and not to forget the cashier is damn cute.. hoh!! U just cant argue,
‘dik ni mahal sangat la dik’ and the cuties just make a kecian face and …..
Huh!! So nobody comment on the prices. Everybody just kept to them self only.
But what to do.. need to eat.. need to fill my self with 50gm of protein everyday.. hummmmm niss.. how is your canteen? Mesti besh kan..hehe ado menu lembu tak?
For da cute sister , most probably u’ll cook your own lunch or just buy it from a nearby stall.. how is the food? Nice?
No need to ask grifindorz.. since her meals is magical( kat hogwarth la katakannnn hehehe) but still I need to ask la .. besh ker kat saner ..?
Bottom line.. miss the eki soba.. hoho!!


yankiut said...

tol la..eki soba gak sedap..dah lama tak mkn soba..mkn kat restoran mesia nih tak sama le rasanya ngan ekisoba tuh..hummm,you making me hungry la plak pocket..don't forget aa nak pohse dah minggu depan..I think 50%++ of your posting are about makan jek..humm..kawaranaineeeeee...:)

yuuichirounis said...
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yuuichirounis said...


saikin punya hamatta menu kat kilang time rehat 9.30am..

roti canai 2 keping,set with kari,dal,sambal n ....
ayam goreng kunyit seketul!!

huh..setto-tekini sungguhla awanai tp nazeka best..lepas makan roti canai then ratah ayam drumstick!peh...