Wednesday, September 28, 2005


It is always a wonder how light and sound can affect your feelings, thought, physical condition. Background music from a movie that can make you feel sad. Exotic light inside the disco that can make u feel happy. I heard that u can lift more kilogram in a green environment than in pink.
Sounds like ….
Ce : waaaa makin tebal yek kat sini (touching at my belly)
Me : heheh.. buleh la tahan.. u pun apo kurang nyer…
Ce : mine’s different. This is meat inside here. Yours is lemak..heheh mentega.. heheh
Laughing like a hyena
Me : hummm.. yer laaaa…
Making my way from that place..
Why do we make such sounds? People get hurt with such sounds. Maybe it’s a joke for them but for me it’s not. Different sounds react differently to different people, the word janda will never hurt me but not for that kakak.. the word bohsia will not cause a scratch to me but not to that girl. Since different people will have different background with different story behind. Why does people cannot think before making any sound. Like ‘feewiiiitt!!! nice racks’ ….this maybe amusing for some bitch but not for a library girl right?
The feeling will last until the rest of the day. U’ll feel uncomfortable all day.
Huh!! why? Why? Need to do something wit this belly o mine.heheheh:D
2006 nenn ni Brad Pitt ni bakemasu you ni =)
May I transform to Brad Pitt in 2006 hohoooooo!!

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yankiut said...

Setuju..sometimes people just talk something yg boleh buat kita sedih..dan they don't realize it..tapi kita pun kalau cakap kena berlapik-lapik le gak erk..kena jaga perasaan orang lain..otagaini..but sakin kalau org ckp benda yg buat aku sedih..aku just balas balik je the witty and kelakar way..bagi puas hati..pastu instead of rasa sedih then feeling best plak leh kenakan orang..try le..heheh