Thursday, September 29, 2005


Huh huh huh huh… yesterday was G Day, I should have been happy but since got soooooo much thing to buy and pay, already in a bankrupt condition lah pocket. My money management is not so effective? Hummm dunno lah.. maybe it’s the thing that I do monthly is the major problem for me.
(2 kfc, 1 beef steak, 3 chicken chop is healthy right?)
Maybe I got a big appetite..
or just simply I’m a big old boros!! Hoh!!
Need to improve on the money matters lah kan..
A friend wrote this somewhere..
Control your money, not the other way around
Something like that la kan yankiut.
Baruuuu jer cabut kutt.. hoh.. bulan ni pun tak dapat jgak.. Another person got it, you see. Our kutt doesn’t fix on who’s going to get for sept and who’s going to get for oct, there will be pulling straws the next day after G Day, the lucky person will be getting the little papers and get to smile all day. Huh!! jelesnya.. I’ve already got my first head, another one head to go.. huh!! hopefully I’ll be getting it before raya .. heheh bleh raya sakan sket…. What did I bought the first time I got it haa.. I’ve spent it in Indonesia hoho…. Datte.. dapat sari sebelum gi Jakarta siut heheh… mana bias tahan maaaasssss hehe..
U know what pocket ? the only thing I can remember bout my Indonesia visit was.. I got stomach ache after that.. maybe the water kut… the mee ayam was delicious..the ‘ayam’ was also not bad^^; heheh..
Bottom line, if u’re ever doing any kutt… make sure u buy something ‘remember’able with the money. Or u’d end up feeling the money was spent unwisely .. hoh..
(spending in Indonesia is wise? No such thing la kawan)
Guys… bought something lately? Went somewhere lately? I need a vaykay laaaa…huh!!


yankiut said...

buying something??thinking of buying some tanah ler pocket..but don't have the good bargain yet..still waiting for the good tanah with a good price..other than that..just the usual,the formula milk,diapers,ubat gigi,nothing interesting..have been asking my husband for a holiday in Melaka..want to visit the animals in Zoo Melaka..due to the neverending work..had been delayed for about 5 month and still's useless if you have the money but don't have the time kan pocket..need to buy a new pair of spectacles..need to buy the new tudung to match with the new 3 pair of baju raya :)hehe..oh yer! maybe planning to buy digital camera for effective blogging heheh..pocket beli aper saikin??

pocket said...

Pocket bought the lens, it cost me 350 jgak,, maa simple one la kan, hopefully can upgrade myself on this photography thing o mine. Jd wedding photographer, tingin nak jd cam yg cina duk wat tuu.. huh!!