Wednesday, April 23, 2008

44. BusinessPocket

This way pocket...

i have a supplier in Thailand.
flying there quite a few time already but
this was the first time i'm flying business.

My first impression of flying business was
just simply they're gonna give u a better
seat and a better food.
well that's exactly what i've got.
Better seat, served with same food but
better pinggan mangkuk.
other than that...
same air sick,
same cramped toilet,
same rough landing.

Since i'm business class ticket holder,
i dont have to que with all the economy
class passengers. this felt great :D. i got
served with orange juice just as i got
seated and the hot towel came right after.

have to admit, the seat is bigger,
well enough for me to kangkang a bit.
n the food is better. cause they dont serve
u fruits in the economy class.
heh but then again, the whole thing is
just look better being served in a better plate.
U dont see the aluminium foil they used
just like in the economy.

I didnt take any pic of the main menu course.
i was busy eating heheh...

n then i luuuvv the part where they let us out
first and then the economy class...
but it was no use since the other colleague was
in economy. so we have to wait for him the same.

After our work in thai is done, we head back to
the suvarnabhumi airport.
there i've checked in the same,
waited at the custom for clearance the same,
went for a bit of shopping the same,
the only difference is, i was allowed to enter the
'first and business class lounge'.
macam bagus jer budak yg dapat promotion
35inggit ni kan ...

'excuse me mem, but this is my first time
flying business so i'm quite new in this.
Are all these foods free for us to have?'
i said with a corrupted british accent to
a good looking asian face.
'ya kaaa...first time bisnes kaaa...
dis one all free one...
wanna eat untill cannot walk also no problem one...
hahaha...dats why i like business class lo...
cute girls some more'
replied the lady. singaporean?
cheh!! ngabih kan effort aku try british slang jer! huh!!

so pocket...
the photo is some of the thing that i've found
interesting in the lounge to photograph.
for a non muslim, they can indulge themself more
since the alcoholic drink are available for them to drink
on and on and on...
this explains why there's a lot of drunk people
on board the airplane.

But does it worth to pay extra 700 ringgit... i think not.
For me this time i got the a promotion. 35 ringgit and i can upgrade...
ok la kan :D


banji said...

The first thing I notice is the words Pocket carefully trademarked under the plates and all :)

Looks like you are having fun..

Princess Liyana said...

Wow! eating? mestila. Dah food melambak2. Takkan pandang je. Membazir nanti:)

mummysyafie said...

best arr leh makan² n jalan²..hihihi

bendul said...

Ehem.. I'm commenting from my n73.. Sori aa.. Testing saja ni.. But 35 ringgit promotion..? Hmm.. Pocket, u better come to my company.. Evry year 7% of your basic salary promotion is guaranteed, even more some year.. Just count..

freakmie said...

best2..aku suka kerja kamu nih..hehehehe

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ bestnya... tak pernah naik bussiness class, takat economy jer yg termampu. ~

ninadw said...

im suddenly being such a jealousy person when i come by ur blog!!!

whatta great trip!!!


Pocket said...

yup, am trying to put in the Trademark inside all me pic. just to show that this was taken by the pocket :D

kan.. kalau tak makan ... rugi lah ... orang lain plak yang kenyang nanti

best wooo... tp kan,

u'r mistaken la bro... bukan promotion naik gaji or anything like that, its just dat i can upgrade me flite to Thai (Which usually economy class lah kan) to business class for just 35 inggit :D nice ha?

well berat mata memandang,
berat lagi bahu memikul,
seronok mata memandang,
seronok lagi perut memikul!!! huhuuu

tu la nak citer pasal business tu, so that atleast u know how the business class is like :D
nenanti ado la rezeki tuuuuu

u have all the right to become jealous...
tp then again.. tak der la aper aper sangat pun...
makan kenyang ...
makan kenyang ...
makan kenyang ...

jer heh:D

purplechoc said... ye die jalan2 dengan bisnes trip :)

hope i'll get d opporturnity one day,amin..

Ayaq masak said...

Mahu naik kapal terbang!!!! X-<

ninadw said...


Tny said...

Waahh.. biz trip to Thailand.. syiok ka? Pegi tgk aquarium dance x? hehehe :)

Ehh set makanan tu.. nmpk delicious.. woot!!! tu, superimposed ke cmne tu? cmne pocket sign tu dok kt bwh gelas tu? tetiba plak kan..

Enjoy x, trip tu?

Pocket said...

one day pasti, doa and usahakan lah. heh tp kalau buleh gi company yg support besh lg, cause tak yah bayor. lg dapat ellaun huhuu

tak lama lagi ayaq fly ke jepung plak kan nanti.
douzo tanoshinde kite kudasai :D

saya akan cuba menjeles kan ninadw lagi nanti Eheh..

Aquarium dance tak gi, casue the jepun yg gi skali suma setia ngan bini diorang. heheh
pocket sign kat bawah gelas tu dibuat dek Photoshop PS2:D try la carik

azie said...
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azie said...

nanti mau kumpul duit banyak2 naik flight business class..lepas tu mau letak gamba dlm blog, boleh eksyen2 sama kamu,huhu

p/s: kunjungan balas.nanti dtg my blog lagi, bawaklah epok2, pisang goreng, buah2, bihun sup dan sebagainya.

Ms Chrome said...

skrg economy class pun kena serve pack dlm kotak jek... xde lg la nasik2 dlm aluminum foil tuh... MAS taik idong masin