Thursday, April 03, 2008

36. Sekaya...

Dey Pocket..
the other day i've got a leave, it was tuesday
therefore all the banks and post office or
other office for what it matters are open.
meaning as if in buisnes.

Since i'm on Cuti, so i understand the fact that
this bloke is eating roti canai at a nearby stall
at 10am.
but what i dont understand is there was a few
other early 40 of age pakcik who's also relaxing
and enjoying their cup of tea.
they're not going to work?
they're dont have anything to do?
they're simply work in the night shift?

but then again...why dont i simply sangka baik?
maybe... just maybe...
they're having passive income.

Now pocket.. what are passive income?
well basically its when u'r having money flowing
into your account without u working hard getting em.
F1xed Deposit.
Skim Cpat Kaya (Hahahah)

i know a person who's 55 of age, have 200k inside
his A5B. (After 20 years of hard work)
now if u'r talking about 6% of interest yearly...
he'll be getting 12k per year.
now thats 1k per month.
nice for a warga emas who live all by himself having
roti canai every morning with his cup of tea.

well that's for A5B.

FD? hummmm.... bank ra*yat gave 20% in 2008.
wah! wah!...

SkimCpat Sekaya?

now banji did say this before...
'You see an opportunity, you grab it'
(Click to see text)

so... i'm going to make a very slow move towards
becoming a bit richer by joining some
Skim Cepat Sekaya

wahahahah..... how haaa?
any good one u know?
The 42inch LCD TV is just crying my name again again
and i couldnt stand it not having one in my place :D


bendul said...

pocket..!! tapi jangan main no ekor or loteri..!! haram...!! it's about making the first move jugak, untuk membeli tiket2 tu.. kalo tak beli tak menang kan..? hohoho.. haram haram...

Ayaq masak said...

Skim cepat kayo~~there's no such scheme that actually works la dey. Work your ass off for another 25 years then simpan duit dalam bank, macam pokcik tu buat. Lagi best and bijak.

mummysyafie said...

sekarang ni banyak sgt pelaburan la..ada yang mendatangkan hasil..tapi kalau nak cepat, kena labur dalam amaun yang banyak..tu yang tak tahan..

so far...masih setia ngan asb..hihihi...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ pocket, i've one sugesstion sebabnya last week ader org dah suggest kat I.

aper kater u buat Unit Trust. from what that guy explained me mcm sangat menariks jer... if u're really interested to know more detail just let me know. i'll email u his email add. seriyes la, i pun nak try for my part time. ahakss... :P ~

banji said...

Aduh.., that's not what I have in mind when I post the article :)

basically ingat apa yg haram dan halal. yg halal perniagaan, yg haram riba. n definition of riba is perniagaan yg confirm keuntungannya. mcm along/ceti tu, dia pinjamkan duit, dah confirm akan ada keuntungan setiap tahun.

hm semua org nak kaya, tapi tak berbaloi sgt sebab dua tiga puluh ringgit termakan duit haram, terduduk dlm neraka berjuta2 tahun.

conclusion - teruskan usaha utk kenal dan bezakan halal dan haram.

Pocket said...

well the thing is ayaq, i dont wanna work another 25 years.
why cant i just work another ten... and get the same as that pakcik gets.
a roti canai n a cup of tea everymornin?

Bendul, haram tu haram tu, tp aku actually layan la jugak dulu... tak menang pun... huh!!

umph... Mummy...
ASB is the way. but i need something else lah... or else i'll end up only 1k permonth. n by 2035.. i think the value just goes down a bit dont u think? :D

Unit trust pun pernah dengar jgak. tp still trying to understand the whole concept. Thanks for the suggestion Mizzamy...

Banji!!... yes... all and all... we just want our next generation eats healthy and halal food. n by getting money from duit ekor like bendul suggested...
our sons and daughter will grow up as mat rempit