Monday, December 10, 2007

1. Pocketing as a habit

Me Brother.. the banji...
talks bout '40 days equals habit' which i think is a good thing to discuss.
well basically if u start doing something which consist on
same time
same operation
same person...
n it'll be a habit. n once its become a habit to us... then i think it'll be
hard for us to shook the habit off.
just like puasa during ramadhan. u havent been eating for 30 days n the
first meal u eat on eidul fitri mornin would felt awkward ..

so this me first day of making blogging is a habit.
hope everything goes fine :D hahahah

Sokong bendul also for trying to do the same thing

Tumpang kejap :D


bendul said...

now trying is even easier bcoz ada pemangkin, penambah semangat untuk tulis.. ehehe..

Pocket said...

apo la penambah semangan nyer hai bendul...?

sapo la pemangkin tu hai bendul?


Banji said...

go pocket go :)

dah bismilllah belum?