Monday, April 28, 2008

46. Pocket Evaluated

humm humm pocket...

so pocket the other day i've got me evaluation for the whole year of 2007.
Have to admit that i am not satisfied with a few of the marking they put on me.
There were a few which was outstanding but then again when u take a look at
the comment u began to wonder,
was that a good comment or was it a cynical one.
for instance,
I got a full mark for punctuality but the comment was
'a fully punctual staff in any time related issue, meeting, break time, scan in and out'
now now pocket what does that suppose to mean?
when its time to eat... i'm the punctual one to arrive at the canteen?
(come to think of it, yeah .. i do!!)
when its time to scan in... i'm the punctuall one to arrive at 0659 or 0700?
(come to think of it, yeah .. i do!! even scan first and then park the
EX5 and change the shoes, sit my sorry ass on the office seat at 0720!! wahahaha)

when it come to scan out, i'm the one who scan out first?
(Come to think of it, yeah .. i do!! am the one standing there at the scanning machine
at 358pm waiting for the number to change to 4pm)

anyhow pocket, regardless of however misreable i'm feeling right now,
(come to think of it, yeah i deserve those 1 point for my lack of good quality in this and that)
even if my evaluation was marked with good points
(well at least i think its good, it can always got worse)
i am hunger for better evaluation mark next year.
(i will be aiming all 5 points)
soo.. this is april and today is a new kick start for me new project.
The 5 star pocket

My last project went well... The 40 Hari Mencari Cinta
so next one will be ... The 5 Star Pocket
although i will not be putting the periodical update on the project
ere in my pocket.


filantera said...

heheh janji gaji naik
atleast taklaa Rm 62 je kan:D

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ cepatnya balik, kul 4pm? iskh, nie jeles nie... ~

azie said...

erm, i pun punctual jugak..kira ok lah tu..

btw, bulih join tak itu program 40hari mencari chenta??

Pocket said...

jangan la sedih sangat okeh.. heh:D

Hooh mizzamy,
tpt kitorang balik kul pat. but usually we will need to go till 7..

boleh jer :D refer to ere

yun said...

check my blog plz..awk akan lihat kembar awk di situ. ada iras tau especially dahi, kening n rambut