Saturday, April 05, 2008

37. Poke

Now now pocket...
isnt that illegal?
'wei... ina, hang tak pi makan ka?' said ramli
smiling from one end to the other while he
was changing his shoes to go to the canteen.
Ramli is a very nice lad fond by all the
staff in Pocket Pte. Ltd.
Maybe its because of his wittiness.
maybe its because of his attire.
maybe its because of his humble and polite
attitude towards the elders.

a very well build body with short and tidy hair,
kept his shoes clean and his breath smells minty.
Who doesnt like a bloke like dat?

'hummm... tak mau ah... malas, lagi pun kan ker ujung bulan... kiter bukan nyer cam dia... dia supervisor... gaji ribu ribu'
replied Ina.
a cute straight hair chick not taller than ramli's chest.
A kind chinese-like face decorated with a sincere smile
even as she sleeps on her secretary desk.

When she walks...
The clock ticked slowly to match her graceful shigusa(Gestures?)
The air breezes gently to her straight hair decorating the whole scenery
The sound seems enhanced, amplifying any sound that produced by her.
(masa ni ado lagu ayu - V.E as a background)
Sounds of her foot step.
Sounds of her fingers fidgeting,
Sounds of the textiles on her sexy body rubbing again each other.
haaaiiiiihhh...the author sighs.
'Takder duit? tipulah, tu ada' jokes ramli with his finger pointing to
Ina's shirt pocket. Which was luckily positioned at her left beautifully
shaped 'chest'.
Unlucky part was that the finger doesnt only pointing.
its also unintentionally touches the fabric and opened
the shirt pocket revealing the 5ringgit note inside.
'ehhh... duit ni ina nak wat duit minyak la balik kang...tak per..ina
tak lapar puunnn.' smiles ina taking a step back 0.7 second after ramli's touch.

'umph.. ok..kalau gitu aku gi makan dulu'

'umph.. jumpa lagi lepaih depa kenyang...'

they've departed without any bad feeling between them.
somebody else watched the 2 minutes drama. Told ina's father bout it.
The father interrogate ina later that night... and somehow convinced her
that ina should be feeling abused by ramli's finger touching her left breast.
The police arrived at Pocket Pte. Ltd the next day...
The HR ask ina...'do u feel abused sexually by ramli yesterday?'
and ina ...
out of guilt (maybe)
out of shame (maybe)
out of confuse (Maybe)
... said 'Yes... uhuk uhuk uhuk' breaking into tears.

Ramli was then sacked 24hrs.
No police report was filed out of the victims family courtesy.
So bendul... be careful where u poke
(Why bendul? i dont know..)
Now i dont wanna blame ina for being confuse, pressurize and ashame
now i dont wanna blame the father for making ina think the way she do
do we blame ramli for being a good sport who accidentally touches a forbidden area?


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ Pocket, is it that Ramli is u? hehehehehe....

apalah si ramli tuh sengal bebenar sampai leh ter'touch tempat yg tak sepatutnya. and that ina pun mcm sengal jugak. ahaks.. :P ~

Pocket said...

now... of course i am not, or else i wont be picturing Ramly as someone who are that good looking:D

cant keep my shoo clean anyway :p

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

kalo watashi mau watashi tepis dengan garangnya

"kot ye gurau pun jgn la sentuh tempat sensitip!"

itu watashi...
maruah?ye..sbb maruah kena lawan

bendul said...

hmmm.. org yg merepot tu bangang.. aper hal..? aper ko baik sgt ker..? *%$%^$^*%^ punya orang.. pocket, kalo ko jumpa org yg merepot tu, tlg pukul kan buah pinggang dia untuk aku..

phabmissus said...

Probably Ina should have made it clear to Ramli during the incident.

Maybe she doesn't mind it yet when pressured, she has to say she feel harassed because what is a women is she did not feel harass when someone poke her boobs?

Pocket said...

Hana Chan,
u wont have the time to turn garang hana... its not like u'r in the offensive mode.
u'r happy going to copy machine maybe,
he's happy going to the canteen maybe,
n at that time.. the damage is rather unnoticeable... i did mentioned
'... unintentionally touches the fabric and ...'
Fabric jer poooonnnn...

yup... i'd say the pengacum was the one to be blame...
but then again, the pengacum was only misunderstood by the whole drama...
the pengacum saw
'ina taking a step back 0.7 second after ramli's touch'
what else could the pengacum think?

umph... i'd say ina should made it clear to ramli that u should watch where u poke... but then again incidents happened so fast... that u just dont have the time to say
'watch the finger!!'

filantera said...

wah sad ending,
ina shud make clear to her fam la
and the fam shud not take too dramatic steps
ramli shud learn it
and ina shud not keep money at that pocket after this:D

Ceera said...

huh.. leh plak cam2, patutnye sekehkan ajer si ramli tu... cit...

freakmie said...

thanks sebab visit my blog..i link ur blog kat mine..:)

Pocket said...

ere we can see different opinion,
me also dont know who's right and who's wrong. we can always consider our opinion the right one...

yup... i'd say those who harass women for their pleasure should be 'sekeh'ed heheh..

i have to say ina will learn her lesson after dis ...
no more money in the top pocket :D

anytime bro... your writing quite a different flavour to what i'm taking everyday.. hehhe... i think your name already in the 'pocketeers list'

purplechoc said...

ish.sian to both ina & ramli.

caring membawa padah kpd ramli.

Ayaq masak said...

Pertama - apa kes simpan duit kat situ.

Kedua - Ramli MUNGKIN atau TIDAK tak sengaja. Tapi yang nak pegi amek duit tu jugak ape kes. Tunjuk jauh2 dah la.

Ketiga - Orang ketiga tu apahal tak tanya Ina dulu. Main terjah saje.

Sekian. Hahaha.

mummysyafie said...

rasa² nya dedua tu yang jadi mangsa..

mangsa keadaan..:P

ninadw said...

entri ini sgt baguuuus...!

case camni la kaaaan..
ina tu la yg bersalah.
knp dia tak marah time ramli 'ter'pgg her breast?
atleast, dia kene ckp kt ramli if dia rasa tak selesa ramli 'ter'pgg her breast.
tp, klo dlm entri ni nmpknya ina cam selesa jek.. dia tak rasa bnd tu silap. but, then dia rasa silap + malu time ada org report pasal tu.
adakah ramli bersalah?
for me, tak.
perempuan, kene pandai2 jaga diri n berkelakuan baik. just like a crystal, klo dah retak takde org nk bli :)

ninadw said...

n satu lagiii..
lagu Ayu from VE feat Ruffedge itu reminds me to my bf :)

Pocket said...

kan ... sian kat ina and ramli, basically one can consider both of them as mangsa keadaan kan.

dia tak amik, cuma tersentuh jer ... tu pun tak la sampai tercucuk trus jari tu kat atas target nyer... tp still... the whole drama can make people assume differently kan.
thanks for the opinion

Thanks for comin,
yup... lain orang lain pendapat. basically semua memang bersalah... or simply suma innocent
but we have to take the whole story as a moral to us.

Not to poke ikut suka ati

to PurpleChoc n NinaDw
(I'm presuming NinaDewi la kut)
Am putting your link into the pocketeers list :D