Sunday, April 13, 2008

40. thPost

Dear Pocket,
Today i had an idea of what i wanted to post today.
but when i see that the running number has hit 40.
i remembered, that this was the campaign i've been
trying to do about two month ago.
'40 hari mencari cinta'
its basically originated from banji's post
'40 hari equals habit'
which tells u that one same thing that u do daily in
the same condition would become a habit.
n to stop a habit would felt awkward.
(Just like the feeling u feel when u consume the first
ketupat pagi raya after a whole month of fasting)
basically this campaign ended up with me addicted to
you pocket, just can get enough to tell u stories.
(Although i cant do it daily lah kan, dua ari skali bleh tak? heheheh)

So bendul, u did mentioned about starting something
and commiting to it... well try to do it for 40 days directly.
n tell me about it afterwards. Hope u can stick to the habit.
so many habit that we wanna start...
good habit such as :
plain water every morning,
jog every evening,
swim every evening,
finishes up work every working day ends,
Simply simpan duit 1/3 of gaji in A5B monthly,

hopefully all of us can :
- start the habit,
- strict probation period for 40 days,
- and stick to the habit till our death.

anybodys up for any chalenge?
wanna share? :D


banji said...

Alhamdulillah, berjaya jugak akhirnya.. harapnya terus kekal jadi habit lah ye :) nampak mcm effective jugak numbering tu, mungkin boleh teruskan

part 1/3 gaji terus simpan tu.. huhu terasa ke" I'm possible"an nye :)

bendul said...

hhmm.. lately, sendiri terasa agak byk commit jugak ler blogging, compare ngan dolu2.. ni pun n73 tak sampe lagi.. kalo dah sampe.. hhmm.. tak berenti kot.. hohoho..

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ '40 hari mencari cinta', so berjaya ker tak? tue sama ngan i bulan jan hari tuh. tapi dah tarik balik sebabnya malas nak mencari cinta buat masa skang. ahaks.. :P ~

Pocket said...

kalau buleh simpan 1/3 gaji tu kan banji... terasa yang 'i am legend'
la pulak ... heheh:D

So the key to your love for blogging would be n73 in your hands lah... so tunggu apo lagi? heh

berjaya berjaya, dah jatuh cinta ber blog :D