Tuesday, April 01, 2008

35. DriveShaft

Dey Pocket...
the previous weekend was
filled with work and
Woke up at 7am do the
laundry, while i was doing
the laundry, i was also
watching a movie.
the title was 'shoot em up'
i know the film is just a
fantasy for gun enthusiast.

Then when the laundry washed.
Its time for me to hang them.
By then i was also watching the
film 'ChakDe' with Shahrukh Khan
as the main lead wahahah!!

A story about some girls trying to win the hockey world cup.
I promised me self not to go tear myself but i've failed.
ado jugak menitik sikit sikit.

Then its 11 pm already.
The laundry all hanged up to dry...
so off we went to the mechanics place.
The drive shaft is making so much noise,
u'd think the kancil is 14 years old already.
The staff does his diagnostic of the car problem
by driving it around.
It is confirmed then that the drive shaft was the problem.
He jacked the car and both the front tyre is lifted into the air...
he examined the drive shaft...
and found the rubber part is torn.
I saw this malay kid, most probably in his early 20s moving the tyres
(Which at this time dingling from a lifted car)
so freely as if the tyres is sooooo light.
So when he went into his garage to take some tools,
out of curiosity i've tried to move the tyre myself.
wahahah just to my surprise... the tyre was so dang heavy...
i had to hold my breath to move the thing.
is that kid strong?
or am i the weak one?

i think its better for me to take it that he's the one who are normal,
but i'am the one who are weak.
then that would be better for me to improve myself.
do i need to start lifting weight pocket?


Ayaq masak said...

Sile makan obat kuat manyak2.

bendul said...

ala pocket.. tak payah weight lifting lagi.. tunggu ada anak nanti.. hohoho.. hari2 weight lifting ko tau dak.. nasib baik aku makan sikit, kalo aku mkn byk, jadi sazali samad dah aku nih..

Pocket said...

Hai obat hai obat...
mari beli obat..
kalau dah terlambat ..tak dapaaattt

makan obat kuat cam muntah jin kalu jadi berketul ketul cam badang lak nanti... takuuuuttttt

umph... tapi weight lifting tu lain sikit kut. tu anak lifting hahahah

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ ingatkan perempuan jer yg nangis bila tgk citer hindustan. ader jugak la hamba Allah sorang tuh emo gak. miahahahahaha...... :P ~

Ceera said...

fuyooooooo... tengok citer industan wo... hehehe

Pocket said...

heheh, salah ker sedih sedih bila tgk citer hindustan? heheh

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

citer hisustan yg watashi sedey +wat watashi nagus adalah
kabi kushi tu ha...
dan ituadalah citer 2nd yg watashi tgk sepanjang umur watashi

wahh...sila kagum