Friday, August 31, 2012

575. MengarutlahPocket!

its been a while since i've posted anything
in full english. I was hoping to write something
in english today but then again,
somehow i cant find the best word
as an ending to my 'thoughts'
below other then ...MENGARUTLAH POCKET!!

-Every year we feared the HARI RAYA as it is
the time for us to be spending money more and
more... I remember one time, I checked my RAYA
cost me about RM700!! adoi adoi...
so after a few review and brainstorming,
I have come up with a brilliant idea for cost
saving on the baju raya.

Take me and FARID as example,
this year, I'm buying green as my baju raya,
Farrid will be buying blue.
wear it once or twice this year..
and give it to Farid for him to wear
next year. And of course, Farid's baju
raya will be mine next year so I'll be
wearing blue next year... and so does Farid,
he'll be wearing green next year.
by doing this, we can save half the price of
a decent baju raya no?
and imagine if I'm doing it with 3 to 4 families,
pergh!! in the end our baju raya
would cost somewhat RM7 per year :D
which save alot no?

macam la saiz sama... hoh!!
kamu ingat kamu tu kechik?

-As i was watching one of Harry Potter's movie,
the one with the quidditchh lesson and Ron was
becoming the HERO of the day. Something about
Harry 'secret'ly pouring the 'liquid luck' into
Ron's drink.

I was thinking, is'nt it painful to be sitting
on a small pole (the broomstick) zooming here
and there in high speed? I mean have u ever
waited for a friend and sit your ass onto
the pole they planted horizontally in bus stops?
the pain starts to creep in by the sixth minute.

Do u know those 'Basikal Racing'? the pole in the
middle is so high, that if u accidentally slip
and fall on the pole, u can kiss your future
daughter good bye... cause chances are those
area will not be functioning again.
I nearly slipped and nearly hit it there.
pergh!! a good thing it was not a bullseye..
even that, it was so painful, my femur felt
like it was cracked already.
now Harry's broomstick was just as big in size,
how does he sit on a pole like that?

And think! how is hermione or Ginny do it?
with them being a girl and everything...



Chuu Muqhlis said...

lol., nak buat mcm tu ke?? simpan baju elok2 so that org lain boleh guna next year =P

Akue Achik said...

nk lg jimat? xyah bli lgsung..pki je bju yg lpas2..heheehe

ntah2 pnyapu tu xwjud lgsung..berlakon je kan..

SimplySeoul said...

harry need to endure the pain... well he get million for it.

i had lots of troubles pocke when finding baju raya. the smallest size available for ready made baju kurung is 34. nope! xmuat. and my pride is too thick to wear kids clothes.

so back to basic, i have to custom made everything. hantar baju, tggu sebulan lg. but i cn save money. buy kain first, then bayar upah after few months :)

Miss Purple said...

cara berjimat yang sngat briliant, hehe...

guna karpet terbang lebih selamat, hoho..=P

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

totally mengarut la pocket..haha i kinda geli or uneasy klu pakai dress orang lain, even just for fitting..

Dhiya Fariza said...

this has never occured in my mind pocket hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

littledolphin said...

exchanging clothes with other families?

for a girl/woman(or females),we wont even think of it.well i dont know bout the other females,but getting caught with the same outfit even if it's in different year with someone else is a sensitive issue for me.unless if the style is similar to tyra banks or kate middleton,then that's a different story.

bout the harry potter thing...

Hahahahahahahah! lol seriously never thought of it before.maybe they invent some sort of protective gear for the actors for that particular area.maybe.

even if they didnt,the actors were paid generously.very generously.

Pocket said...

kalau sampin songket buleh pakai bertahun tahun, kenapa baju tak leh? :D kan kan kan! heheh

heheh, memang jimat,
tp tak besh laa.. sumer orang lain ada baju baruuuu..

memang la tak wujud,
just a 'mengarut' thought jer

waaahhh... tempah baju is the way to go kan sekarang ni:D
semua orang tempah baju woo!!
kita buleh membantu industri kechil tempatan lah :D

yes yes, for millions,
i'll sit on a pole,
hell i'll even do pole dancing :)

Karpet terbang tak selamat la sis,
tak der lampu signal :)

pinjam kasut member pun dah terasa satu macham :D

merapu kan,
i think u got it :D

I'd say females will never even think of such a thing, i've never heard ladies pinjam baju pun...

About the harry thing, lets just imagine that there are really muggle and witch and wizards. Imagine how to the real witch and wizard do sit on the pole :D

i'd say it'll be painful.. outch!!

zila manaf said...

tepuk dada tnya selera dan hati nurani mu itu huhu

anamizu kaito said...

exchange baju raya? hekhekhek..
hemm aku pon terase mcm euwwww =P
sbbnye aku yakin dan konfiden
bahawasanye aku mmpu jaga kebersihan
baju aku. tapi... org lain punye baju
tu maybe... urmmm entahla camne nak
cakap.. hehehe

part harry porter tu.. hahahahaha
adeh tak habes gelak lagi nih =P
LOL hahahaha

syAzAnA said...

Pakai baju lepas2. Senang. Tapi, selang seli so that orang tak perasannn. hahah

Aemy Nadira said...

i've been doing the clothes exchange with my lil sister because we've got the same body size. save money & wardrobe space :p

haha..u're not the only one who thought about that..even watching people ride bicycles (especially females) makes me worry, let alone riding on a broom stick. ouch!

Namee Roslan said...

hahaha. funny lah pocket. nevertheless, thats brilliant. but as if u fit the same size as Farid. hihi. tapi for the girls...tak boleh kot ikut cara ni ! haha

Terbang Bersamaku said...

kalau perempuan mmg tak boleh buat mcm nie...lelaki ok lah kowt sbb org tak berapa nak perasan sangat..

btw, beraya sebagai org dewasa nie tak berapa best berbanding beraya sebagai kanak2...sebab bila dah dewasa bila nak raya makin banyak keluar duit..uhuhuhu...susah nk berjimat..=,="

Selamt hari raya, maaf zahir batin pocket..=)