Saturday, August 11, 2012

566. Your Wife's FatherInLaw's Only Son

A friend of mine is having a dilema,
he is about to get married, his mother in law
are hoping for him to move in with his wife family,
living together like one happy family.
But so does his wife's future Father In Law....
prefer his son live with them for the time being
until they have the money to buy themselves
a house. (Pergh!! apa punya complicated daa)

and so he asked me what should he do?
he cant say no as it was his father who requested.
Her wife cant say no... as her mother was hoping.

and so i told him a story about how straight forward
another friend of mine told me. Its kinda harsh but
it worked.

Farid was about to get married to a beautiful lady
back in the early 90s. He could not afford a house
yet so he is renting with his housemates. the usual
bujang life with motor kapchai parked outside and
slipar berterabur. The whole plan of renting a house
after the vow came to his future brother in law...
which is also the WALI.(his wife are 'fatherless')
'alaaa.. kamu tak yah la dok menyewaa.. dok jer 
kat umah si IMA tu, bukan ader saper.. ada mak 
jer poon..' the WALI persuaded.
'err, tapi sayer rase baik tak yah lah, kang menganggu 
mak plak.. tak per.. kami menyewa jer' was FARID
cute excuse,

and the WALI start to tell stories about those who
have failed and those who ends up owning nothing
as they are not well equipped with savings and high
paying salary. FARID was just listening with the
usual 'humm.. iyer?.. ahhaaa.. heheheh' and a few

after a while, FARID realize that there was an udang
di sebalik mee! The WALI did not want his mother
to be left alone after FARID marrying his Sister...
the last of his mothers daughter. OOOOoooooo...
jadi kamu nak suruh kami jaga mak kamu la niiii...

'... hang nak balik pukui berapa pun, tak kisah punya, 
mak tidoq bilik dia, dalam bilik dia lengkap tv lagi,
so jangan la risau... dok umah IMA yer, buleh tengok
tengokkan mak sekalii' was his last word that came
out clean.
The WALI's wife was pouring tea, cucur udang was
cut cutely with kuah kachang on the side.

Farid need to find an excuse,
'tak per lah pikir dulu' is not enough already,
this guy kept on pushing him hard, asking date
to move in and the whole 'your room will be this and that'
an excuse!! how!! what!! something..
and FARID blurted out the reason that is the whole
point of this story. The WALI understood there and
then and no persuasion coming out of his mouth
anymore. it worked for FARID,
I wonder if it will work for U....
If u have the same problem or question...
what if u say this...

'err.. tak per la abang, sayer ni bukan nya tak nak, 
tapi nanti susah la bila tiba hal hal privacy tuu... 
tak leh nak ehem ehem kat ruang tamu sambil tengok tv,
nak ber'soundtrack' sakan pun kena la hati hati kan.... '

'buhukk buhukk, ehek ehek!!' was the sound of
sang kakak tersedak cucur udang.. pergh!! hang
memang tera la FARID.


Akue Achik said...

sy jga hmpir tersedak bc last post pocket tgh2 mlm ni.. sy bwh umur lg..wkwkwkwkwk

nak tggl kt belah mna satu? susah2 bwak je dua2 tggal sama..kot..

Pocket said...

hooh kan,
terlupa plak ada readers yang bawah umur. wokeh!! mari kita tapis sikit mana mana yang patut!! :D

hish!! maner buleh tinggal dua dua sekali... macam macam buleh jadi tu!
kang perang kang!!:D

JawahirAbdullah said...

wowwww Farid, you're the man! haha~

Dear Yayah said...

krik krik krik. *cengkerik

speechless woh. haha

Cha said...


berani gila Farid tu.

thanks you made my day

Pocket said...

heheh, dia cuma mencari alasan:D

hehehe, nampak bulan n daun dok gerak gerak :D

heehe, cuber kalau si WALI tu bapak mertua yang garang lagi ala ala A.Galak.. mahu tak sebut dah :D heheh

anamizu kaito said...

adehhh daku juga bwh umur nih.. hehehe said...

Kahkahkah yang last para jgklah menarik perhatian ni..

So berani farid ha ckp mcm tue..haha

SimplySeoul said...

nice one farid.