Monday, July 20, 2009

190. Luv...

The day my comp was admitted to the PC Depot at SP
the other day, was the day i had that KFC fiery Crunch
with filantera. i definitely think it is not that hot.
We were talking and out of the blue,
comes the question about love... (Camana la tu kan?)

the stori goes like this, (Am cutting it short of course)
plato asked his teacher, what is luv?
the teacher told him to go through a flower field and
pick the best flower but he must never turn back.
Making u turns or going back to the first rack like
what we use to do in shopping mall.
Plato went and come back with nothing on his hand.
'Why didnt u take any?'
'because i've found one, but left it cause i tot there
will be better, and i found nothing more'
Sad and frustrated thinking that
'i should have taken that red one'
'Now that is luv' answered the sifu.
(I can't remember wether he did explained to me the sifu's answer or not... )
Heheh, now if that is luv, then definitely all men in
the world will end without his true love by his side.
Having regrets through out his life,
if only i had the courage back then... or
if only i didnt freaked out that day and shouted at her...

But really, if u have a friend who's also a salesgirl.
turns out that she's not that bad,
u hang out with her more than u do with your family,
u come to care for her likewise she is caring for u,
after 9 months, u think that she's the one...
but u've met another pretty new girl in town who are
the receptionist of some clinic.

Now if u pop the question to the salesgirl,
she'd be your wife the next 4 month or so
(Considering that u have somewhat 24K in your savings of course)
But if u spend another 9 months more knowing
the receptionist and then pop her the question...
she might be your wife 4 month after that....

so which do u choose?
the receptionist? or the salesgirl?
choose the receptionist...
she might turn out to be a vegetarian who think that
she's always right (all woman are anyway) and keep on
comparing your family and hers.
trying to justify her act of queen control.
then choose the sales girl!! u know her 'hatibudi' already!!

Here plato was, on the flower field holding a red rose
glancing to a purple orchid right down the road,
just a few more step forward.
Thinking.. should it be this one or that.

muiiii muiiiiiii


bendul said...


byk nyer bunga bendul dah buang..
hahahahaha.. terlebih sudah..

taper la..
anyhow, bendul dah pick up one flower jugak.. skang tengah dok jaga kat umah..

terlebih jaga, terlebih mekar la plak.. hehehe..

(masih lagi melihat bunga2 lain, tapi bukan untuk hiasan rumah, cuma untuk hiasan mata di waktu lapang.. hehehe..)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

banyak2 bunga nape la purple orchid...might be poisonous, bro:P

u can always like any flower...lots of flowers, in fact...because they have their owm uniqueness...

but a weed can be alluring too...without u realising it, a weed might cure lots of things...

* am i being to secretive or merapu? guess u are the best person to interpret my complicated mind:P

Princess Liyana said...

Huhu complicated jgak,but then again,tanye sama hati,apa kata hati?ecewah;-)

*SiRibenMerah said...

sebab tuh I x suka bunga.. mengelirukan dan bikin pening untuk memilih mana satu pujaan hati..

jumpa orkid purple yek.. red flower pon nak jugak.. anda sgt tamak disini.. hehehehehehehe =P~

Pocket said...

hahaha, banyak ker yg dah dilupakan sepanjang jalan kesini bendul?
heheheh, pastinya pocket pun tak kurang.

bunga memang untuk dilihat la bendul.
ko nak sunting dan simpan kat umah tu kena ada maintenance sket. heheh


tanya sama pokok
apa sebab goyang,
nanti jawab pokok,
lu sndiri yg goncang,

tanya sama diri,
apa pasal goncang,
nanti jawab diri,
cinta yang datang,

err nak sambung lg ker?

tak taulah, kenapa purple orchid, pasal lawa kot...
Just taruk jer nama yer,
tiada kaitan ngan yg idup atau mati. heheh

weed? i luv em, know those bunga liar yg diorang panggil dandelions tu?
yg tiup kalu terbang manyak manyak tu, pocket suka yg tu, bleh bela tak?

heheh, orang tamak selalu untung,
bukan setakat satu malah dua bunga!! tp cikgu suruh bawak balik satu jer.. so camner?

izzati fuad said...

en pocket, orang biasa akan cakap, 'istikharah la' kan?

am suggesting the same thing. to choose between two or three or more. pray for the best. He will help. :)

Princess Liyana said...

err..sedap plak bro nyanyi..kiki...;)

nak yana smbgkan ke?ahaha

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

i still prefer the original KFC =P