Tuesday, July 07, 2009

186. I Wonder...

Usually i'll be posting stories that have double meaning,
satire in my own way, my deepest desire towards something (Usually forbidden)
my ideas about something that most people think its
unnecessary to even mention the title here.
Trying to change the big world with my little effort (though i know its not working)
but today.. It is simple and direct:)Have u guys ever played this game?
If only i know how to put a link here in my blog, u guys can download it out,
since i dont, raise your hand up and give me your mail add... i'll try to send u
the file :)
its where u shoot pedestrians who walks in and out of this building here..

Shoot em on the head and they'll drop dead
with blood shooting up. heheh

should u missed them and hit the leg, they'll try to crawl out of the line of fire... but

u can end their misery by shooting them again:)
Love the hand effect thing.. as if calling out
'Noooo!!!' heheheh

if u miss the head and shot the hand instead...
he'll be able to walk himself out.. slightly faster
from crawling ofcourse..

they still drop dead if u put another one at the Hip
or their torso.. hahahah

Looking at how they fall is...

Change your gun and shoot them out to pieces!!
This can be done by pushing the number 3 button just like what u can see at the second photo:)
it'll be fun to see the parts spreading out like broken manekin. heheh

If u'r not satisfied with that, u can always blow the head out just for the fun of it. Plus!! u get extra time (I think)

Now lately i'm enjoying this game quite alot.
When i'm in the office ofcourse, in the crib, its
mousehunting time!!

i wonder why...
July is shooting season?
July is hunting season?
Men in July is prone to violence?
hummm .. I wonder why?


meo188 said...

best game nie...

www.heavygames.com kan?

cayalah bro....

Super HaNa said...

huu..ganas giler ni pocket
er...apakah maksud yg sebenarnya July ini ekk??

bday pocket ke?

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

ya ampun... cam ganazzz je. amy bab2 game nih memang tak pandang pun. tak pernah demam atau gila games. ;)

Annaster said...

erkk.. sadisnya byk darah..
mau pitam tgk darah memancut neh!!

Cik Qemm said...

game ganass..

Pocket said...

ado sano yek? pocket dpt dari junk mail chain kengkawan...
peh, bleh pocket cari yg lain :)

tak der lah!! if it was anything,
July would be the day i started working in this new workplace lah kot..

tak der la sampai demam,
Tp maushan tu memang dmam,
sampai berjaga malam la kiranya :) heheh

heheh, tak lah real sangat...
bukan nyer nampak bebetul pun:)
animation animation!!

tak ganass tak ganass...
orang mati seseket jer :)