Wednesday, October 15, 2008

117. ComPocketition

as if competition
pocket, ere in this company, i work as the CSI.
which stands for Crime Scene Investigator,hahahhah:)
well, my work scope also requires me to the same thing as
u've seen in the TV except for the 'Freeze!! bang!! bang!!'
'u have the right to remain silent, everything u say can or
may be use to againts you in the court of law.'
heheh, like those macho and handsome FB1 solving murder case.
For me it'll be more to solving problems with the production line.
so whenever people having problem with a plastic part,
'pocket pocket, masuk!!'
'pocket masuk dah laaaa'
'pocket ada problem in line 3, button stuck'
'pocket nak gi dooohhhh' walkie talkie berbunyi..
gitu gitu.
every problems is considered as one case.
My evaluation is based on the amount of cases i've
solved and the smoothness of the production line producing the product.
hummmm hummmm... well that's all about a bit of my work.

The Problem.
i have a colleague. He's good, not that i am worst
or anything but having him by my side makes me feel the heat.
The feeling that i need to solve more cases daily.
at least more than him.
The feeling that i have to ensure the production
line is smooth. At least better then his.
Like a race to the end. I simply want to be there first.
No Doubt that this is a healthy competition, but i hate it.

Why do u need to compete? u might ask.
it is all coming down to MrBig's approval.
a simple word of 'good!' by the end of any case.
Now we are having good competition ere in our kilang,
but sometime i do felt it that his good intention is somewhat...
'questionable' (Its normal during competing to have this thoughts)
and i bet he felt the same way with me too.
its like i'm feeling this vibe that he is stabbing me in the back
by doing this and that... (Of course he is not..)
and i bet he is feeling the same way too about me.(This i'm not sure)
but yet we are friends who sits in front of each other during lunch. :)
and i do believe that the 'back stabbing feeling' is just my 'sangkaburuk'

The question.
I bet u guys have your own competition right?
competition between two contestant (Usually its only two)
where u'd do anything to outsmart your opponent.
sacrifice some of your needs just to make sure its u on the
winning stand and not him/her. Now it doesnt have to be in work only.
There is always 'MrBig' in every situation,
Bapak and Mak, (Utk adik beradik)
Mak Mentua and Pak mentua, (Utk Menantu)
Ketua Kampung,
Ketua bahagian Permat@ng P@uh
Kapten Kapal Terbang, (But this is work)
Husband (Utk yang bermadu)
two men impressing one girl or ...
two girl impressing one man maybe?

how do u compete dalam aman yer?
how do u keep it straight? no back stabbing..
how do u 'sangka baik'? (Keeping the positive thoughts)

hummm... Care to share your story pocketeers?


fairuzniza said...

well in my case, recently, the girl who used to be with the same person i am with right now, had once [mebi thrice] sent me messages in my fs, telling me how to jaga him. what should i do, what i should not do. more of a 'buku rujukan' for me to be with him.

the thing is, i didn't ask for it. and the truth is, i don't want to know about it either. i want to learn how to jaga him in my own way.

then, dengan baiknya, i replied to her messages saying thank u for all the tips and tricks, and that i don't want to be her shadow.

wah, she wanted to stay close to him through me. how am i suppose to react?

i don't think this is a competition, but somehow, it turns out to be one..kan pocket? T_T

fairuzniza said...

wa..baru pasan..i am the first one!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ nak bersaing tuh adalah benda yg positif. tapi cam pocket kata la, tak kan sampai nak burukkan kat belakang or benda2 yg negatif kan?

amy jarang bersaing-saing nih. tapi pada amy la. if in my shoes, amy wat biasa2 jer. selagik amy rasa dia pun tak ckp belakang or tak mengata. ~

yan still the kiut said...

Dulu selalu pk benda to impress boss..etc..skrg malas nak pk..i'm in my own sweet not hypocrite, hassle free, enjoying my life to the fullest mode..

maybe kalau kita tidak terlalu fokus pada saingan kita adalah lebih baik..yang penting kije siap..dan yang paling penting keredhaan Allah..segala yang dilakukan mendapat keredhaannya..
rezeki itu pastinya pemberian Tuhan..bukan daripada sesiapa..

pweeettt..tazkirah plak..

Sufi Idany said...

hurm... interesting to share. how to compete? how to make him become ours? how to steal his heart? huh.... fening2. anyhow everyones has their own way/trick how to tackle this. am i rite?

just to shared... i penah buang masa hmpir 3 thn semata2 cuba utk memenangi hati nya.... at last i'm nothing to him.... hukhuhuk... sedey bila igt balik but now i dah tk pk sgt...

bila talked pasal competition ni saya rasa bersaing laa dgn sihat jgn smpai tikam menikam.... nnt jadi kes polis lak...

anyhow... good luck guys!

bendul said...


Why only this time, this topic, bendul cannot share his moment..?


bendul got no one to compete at work.. he is always at the top pace..

bendul got no one to compete for a girl (girls) since he only have to commit for the existing one..

bendul got no one to compete at sport among friends since he always win when they play..
(ngehehehe lagi..)

but pocket..!!

better have that healthy competition or else you end up like me..
soooooooo boring you know..

tu yg rasa nak tuko environment tu.. tuko kejer, pindah umah, bla bla bla.. yana jer takleh tuko.. :)

Tny said...

Persaingan yng +ve is very good one.. but at the same time, for sure we'll feel insecure, lack of confident and low self-esteem.. dan rasa tercabar.. kan?

take it as self-challenge, to improve ur skills.. and promotion too =)

Eleehhh.. after all.. dia colleague jugak..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

eloklah tuh bro...
sumtimes we tot the competition is very healthy but dirty but there lots of other positive things which can come out from the dirty and filthy point of view...

though the competitor is playing dirty...that dirtiness will make ur heart stronger and cleaner...kenape? sbb kite takkan men kotor macam org tuh:D

i like the competitiveness in u...just keep it up...biarkan org len:d

demi bangsa dan agama!


banji said...

how do u compete dalam aman?
- As long as you keep reminding yourself this question, I doubt you are competing with hostility

how do u keep it straight? no back stabbing
- istiqamah tu bak memegang bara api. kalau tak kuat semangat, takde sebab utk terus pegang. kena kuatkan semangat lah utk terus keep it straight. mcm mana nak kuatkan semangat? hmm that deserve a whole blog dedicated for it :)

how do u 'sangka baik'? (Keeping the positive thoughts)
- sangka buruk ni selalunya hanya bisikan syaitan dalam hati kita. satu2 nya cara nak tewaskan bisikan ni hanyalah dgn kenalpasti mana satu sangka baik, mana satu sangka buruk. yang baik datang dari Dia, yg buruk datang dari kelemahan kita :)

Mode serius huhu. nice entry bro

Kekanak Tokyo said...

competition saya : nak dapat jd best student lam kelas.

Saingan: budak cina satu orang.

Method: belajar rajin2 agar dapat kalahkan dia. Bila dia score lagi tinggi check kertas peksa dia.

Hasil: Dia pi exchange setahun so saya ditinggalkan tanpa saingan..huuhU~

A t i Q a h said...

Competetion is good.
Hmm..kalau i, try je la yang terbaik. Kalaulah kita punya achievement lagi rendah dari dia, tak payah la nak emo sangat. Next time usaha la lebih sikit. Huhu.

Tapi kadang2 malas dah nak compete dengan orang lain. Buat hal sendiri2 jeh. Lagipun, compete with ourselves kan lagi elok. ;P

Pocket said...

Am sorry for my absent, thanks for your honest opinion in this matter.
most of them i find helping,
one of them i find belagak!! (Bendul)
but bendul... heheeheh
u are what u are,
and frankly speaking, i know u:)
u are what u said^^

i will be replying one by one,
Its just not this morning.
cause am having one of those hazard day now.^^

so nanti reply ya,
and keep on raining me with thoughts and ideas.
Luv em sooooo much :)

My name is Mrs Taj said...

To me, persaingan akan timbul bl jealousy muncul. buat apa nk bsaing sometimes me pun tak phm org yg suka bersaing last2 mkn diri..relax je i rite mr pocket?

nice to meet u & also thanks for dropping by..

p/s can i link u? cuz ur blog seems sooo interesting..alwayz came up with new ideas that buatkan org berpikir!!

azie said...

erm, mesti ada rasa gitu. what i did was keep reminding myself that i am competing with myself only. not with others. and believe it, i managed to get away with that jealousy or competing thingy.

benjamin said...

okay, im working in sales department. in order to compete with my other collegues is by showing how many sales that u can get and how more you can get from your other collegues

Pocket said...

kes gitu pun ado!!?
basically dia macam tak leh lepas lagi mamat tu,
dia duk ingat dia jugak lah yang paling pandai jaga mamat tu,
know what he likes, hates, fond off.
after this she might as well be asking
for updates on him.
What did he wear today,
what happened today,

no i dont think this is a competetion, this is just merely a girl who cant let go.
like a mother who called up on the menantu telling her to put Halia in the masak kicap cause his son likes it that way. hohooooo...

memang la, kita boleh buat cam biasa...
but i just cant ignore my suspicion about things.
its like...
me and him a sailor, impressing the captain,
The captain ask me to rub the deck,
i went on getting the bucket and mop, coming up just to find he have finished rubbing the deck with a
mop he puts in a secret locker nearby.
Now why would he do dat?

would make me think negatively lah kan .... (_ _;

umph, memang rezeki itu pemberian tuhan,
tp kalau kita tak usaha, tak der nyer nak turun cam ujan kat kita, bukan nyer nak impress the boss.
i just wanna do my job,
and u just wanna do your job jer la kan :)
its just when u start to do my job,
and i'm still doing mine.
the whole thing will be different ^^eheh

macam ada dua anak,
'abdul wahaaaabbbb, gi amik serai kejap..'
'abdul wahab tak der, wahub amikkan yer'
tiga minit kemudian..
'nah mama... ' ... 'makasiiih, raaaajin anak mama, wahab gi mana wahub?'
'wahab ado, dia tgh tgk tv'

umph!! umph!! rasa tercabar la jgak, tu yg lagi nak pulun lagi tu. heheh. kena ingat gitu lah kan...
after all, dia colleague jgak:)

woh!! demi bangsa dan agama tu macam ucapan ari merdeka tuu!! eheheh, yes, am keeping it up.
but its like a race...
u have to look where u are,
u'r the first?
u'r the second? who's the first? any third?
u'r the third? how do u take over the second?
trip him with by throwing a tangling wire to him?

i think u'r right bro, if i kept on asking myself,
how to compete dalam aman, then i wont go on telling siti dirgahayu dat u'r gay... hahahahahahah!!! :)
(a story loooong looooong time ago ^^)

wahahahah!! dat's one way of showing it.
and i'm flattered by u understanding my point
inside me story.
so sekarang anda diatas lah? heheh.. susah tu nak stay diatas :)

Thanks for coming, allow me to put your name inside the list yah.. easier for me to 'click' u again afterwards.

umph, tak yah pikir pun bagus. senang sikit ati.
tp... competition is inevitable.
dan persoalan akan timbul tentang kenapa pesaing anda lakukan ini dan itu...
dua menantu membuat kueh raya bersama mak mentua.
kedua dua menantu menggulung popia kecik
mak mentua menggoreng batch by batch.

tidakkan anda akan ter'saing' on who's making
the cutest popia kecik?
the fastest popia kecik?
the neat and presentable popia kecik?

dont tell me that u dont feel the race.
dont tell me that u dont feel envy by this words..
'ni mesti kaklong yg buat ni, gempaaal jer.. heheh'
'thanks to kakchik, abih dah goreeennnggg, yeay!'

Azie and Atiqah,
umph! i guess self counceling is the best way.
keep on telling yourself dat there's no prizes.
there's no competition.
we're just doing honest work ere...
competing with ourself?
care to elaborate more?

i think i might try dat.


Pocket said...

betul tu,
memang nak kena lebih dari orang lain kalau nak berjaya dalam sales :)
hey.. thanks for coming bro..

*SiRibenMerah said...

I akan bersaing bila terancam aje.. muahahahaha.. Tapi, I x pernah rasa terancam.. dulu time study ada la.. cuma kat opis neh, I rasa yg I maintain cool n tayah bersaing ngan sape2.. coz, I just loved to be calm n cool.. lantak le org nk ckp ape pon.. I am what I am.. ada jugak bunyi2 sumbang di belakang I.. So, tayah nk saket hati.. tayah nk pening kepala.. ignore je sume tuh.. sbb what goes around comes around, what goes up must come down..watpe nk pening2 kepala kannn. =P

banji said...

siti dirgahayu tu rasanya mcm perasan, tetiba je dia nak tak nak lak :p rupanya ada org meracun

takpe.. I don't think it would go well too.