Sunday, March 16, 2008

31. Kon's Engagement

Dey pocket,
The other day, i've attended Kon's Engagement Ceremony,
Well Kon would be my brother in law,
a nice bloke with perfect manner and aiming high in the star.
I think he just might get there.
We went on friday on the Consortium bus. I'll maki the buss after this post, Crashed in Naboo's place and got acquainted with her beautiful daughters. One looks just like her mother while the other picks up a bit of ere and there from both their parents. Both could have passed for angels walking on earth.

The ceremony was scheduled at 11am on the 15th Morning. We were hustling that morning. well... since there's too much thing to be done,
getting the sireh,
getting the fruits,
getting our make up on...

after lost a few turns ere and there, we got there safely.
Fatin, u did a good job driving the waja, a good thing the cake didnt crash
(Actually it was my fault also cause i was dozing off)

well... i think thats about it for my today story pocket,
would have tell u more of the little thing dat have happen dat day,
but i think i'm gonna call it a day.
am having a mental block now due to demam... hahahahah
MC again tomorrow? we'll see.

checked again the pic, there was no pic of me.
People can always say that ... the pocket never attended Kon's engagement party.
hummmm... its hard being the cameraman, u'll never be inside any of the pic u've took.


filantera said...

wah chumelnyer pinky!!!

gud jobs with the camera there.:D

My blogs lah.. said...

Alhamdulillah..that's what I should say. Everything goes as scheduled..and these "project" can't be done if no support from my luv family..Mak, Kak Noma & family, Kak CT & Aswan, Naboo & family, Abg Mie & Family and others.. Thanks a looooot and now my status has changes to single but not available..huhu..

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

ala..cameraman berjasa tau walaupun takde dlm pic..

cepat2 la sembuh

Ceera said...

bila nak langsungnye????

Pocket said...

heheh comel kan pinky, tte mano nyer pinky tuu? heheh

Yeah, u'r now single but not available, how does it feel?

last last, memang ari ni MC, dah sihat dooh...

langsung nya tak tau lagi ... well up to kon la kan, bila yer langsungnya kon?

Qing-jao said...

People should read this.