Saturday, September 13, 2008

104. Do's and Dont in Curhat

the other day i've post an entry asking all ya fine bloggers Why do u blog?
well from the 27 comment, i can make a conclusion,
that most of us just want to CurHat
(this one got from lindosh which means Curahan Hati)
but then again, what do u tell about in your CurHat? hummm..
i'd say mostly about your feelings and thoughts to things around u,
Bendul have been telling about his Relationship Saga
Ayaq Masak with her struggle learning Japanese and German
Amy is quite busy lately,
AdrySabry, how is your qigong?
CherynaP ... perut is listed at the top of interviewer checklist.
Banji with his self improvement (This is not a curhat)
the list would go on!! (Excuse me for not going on with the list. i have to get to my point)
but Curahan Hati like...
Drove over a cat today, it died, i'm so afraid it'll
become a ghost and haunt my life.
then people will come and comfort u in your comment
column, and believe me, it is comforting to reads comment
from people even if u dont even know their first name.
1)hahahah, dont worry, cats have nine life, most probably
it'll just walk away from the incident!! unscratched
2) dont worry, we cats dont haunt u in real life,
(it was u!! u killed meee!!!bleaahhhgky%$#)
hheheeheheheh... joking joking (**)
Will definitely sparks a smile on your face :)

but there's also comment like this...
3)u 5tup1d lah!! who cares about your cat!!
why dont u go and kill more and more street cats
and feed on them!! Eaten any cat lately!!?
4)I luv cats too:)
5)Hey!! i know u!! we're in the same kilang!!...
i bet people will luv to see your blog tomorrow
TrueName!! i wonder what if MrBig sees this.
Give me Rm200 or i'll blow this top out of the sky>:)
would hurt u, tear u apart, would lure u to suicidal even.

well u cant blame them,
they might just have a reason for doing it.
and i think i've did it once. its like a sin to me now,
haunting me everytime i'm seeing her icon face in
mybloglog recent visitors pad over there.
i've learnt my lesson, i wont be doing it again.

question i have to ask all of u guys who are good in doing this.
What are the do's and don't in blogging?
any mistake i've ever done?(I know this one will be painful, but i have to ask)
any mistake dat 'bald king' done?
any mistake this blogger or dat blogger done?

and lets hope that all of us can make a teladan from this question:)
End of Blues Friday


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

haiyyaaa ABANG Pocket...

u put my perut posting as ur subject...huhuhu...
do's and don't...dunno lah...
for me, as long as i won't be charged in court, i'll do it:D

fairuzniza said...

c, pocket..
baru je cakap ari tu, sy dah kene..

now that ade orang SUKE sangat bace blog sy, sampai ape yg sy tuleh pun nak di kontrol nye.

"jgn tulih a word pun pasal dia"

i mean, i know it's for my own good, but aside from blog, where would i tell stories to?

kawan2 bukan nk dengar sangat.

lemah la jiwe ngan benda2 nih.

tu blog sape?


[sory, kua tajuk..again n again.. T_T ]

mim.ya.ra.alif said...

member mira tegur
"ko ni mira hati2 ngn blog ko tuh
nnt ko kena tangkap ISA"


member mira ni x penah bc my blog
trus nk wt kesimpulan cmtuh

yg mst dielakkan - jgn terlalu open nk melontarkan ketidakpuasan hati dgn cuaca politik mesia skrg

x puas hati kena simpan jer biar jd jeruk

kalo dh kena ISA kang ssh plak kn?

itu jer pantang no 1 mira.. nk membangkang pn sedar2 la diri... ekekeke

lain2 tu x terlintas lg.. blog i, i punya pasal la... x suka jgn masuk dan jgn baca... done!

senang jer... kan? huhuhuhu

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ dah lebih setahun berblogging, now i realized about one thing. bukan semua orang kat dunia virtual yg duk konon2nya baik dengan kita tuh boleh dipercayai. that's one of my weakness, cepat sangat percaya kat org.

sebelum nih banyak sangat curahan hati, sebabnya dekat blog jer boleh nak cerita segalanya. skang dah tak boleh nak buat camtuh, ntah sape2 yg baca. org yg i duk mengata pun baca. adeh... tak syok la.... rasanya nak buat another blog, khas utk curahan hati semata. dan blog tuh i will make it private. senang citer kan. hehehe...

lately nih, ramai sangat antara bloggers duk mengata sesama diorg. gaduh siap maki-maki lagik. i don't know the real story. tapi, tak sepatutnya la berlaku kan. sepatutnya, kat sini la tempat nak menambah kenalan... bukan nak bermusuhan... ~

bendul said...

nice things to point out bro.. bravo..!!

there's no fixed guideline on commenting isn't it..?
(or it just me who don't know..?)
even malaysia is been told as a "democracy, free to talk" country..

for me, in blog world, it doesn't matter you know somebody else or not.. you jump in the world, you're among bloggers, and you're the same with others..
we need to care each others..

hurting others by commenting in blog world is just the same as you walk into stranger at the road, hurt his feeling and dissappear..
(or you come again and do it several times..)

but sometimes, nobody come to me blog, nobody read me post also hurt looo..
who's to blame..? :)

cordelia said...

as for me, i dun care about the comments much [everyone is entitled to have their own opinion regarding the entry]

demo ne, i often worry my entry will hurt/offended people directly/indirectly...esp if that person is someone i meet everyday...huhu.

hehe maybe that's the reason why i have 2 blogs. a secret one[where no one knows me]...and the not secret one ;p.

banji said...

Do and don'ts.. hmm

In the end, terpulang pada org tu sendiri. Ada sesetengah org moral compass dia dah lari. Dia rasa mencuri perbuatan yg betul. Luahkan rasa hati sampai menyakitkan hati org tu betul. Org2 yg kompas dia dah lari, blog dia pun akan ikut kompas tu lah. Apa kita boleh buat..

yang kita boleh buat hanyalah tetapkan do and don't utk kita. base kan pada prinsip dan panduan hidup kita. Kalau kita amanah dgn rahsia dlm real life, mesti kita takkan bukak rahsia org dlm blog.

Tapi terbangkit lak satu lagi isu.

Sapa yg boleh kata moral compass kita ni betul :)

Conclusion - Apa yg kita tak buat dlm real life, tak sepatutnya kita buat dlm blog. vice versa.

Princess Liyana said...

huhu..kita sesama kawan, tak bestla kan kalau kita duk kutuk mengutuk.sama juga mcm blogging..msk blog org,nak mgutuk tak tentu arah tak best..kan pocket?

yana berckap melalui experience..di kutk org yg tak dikenali..hehe;p

but anyway.mulut dia, biarlah:)

Pocket said...

CHeryna P,
hehehe, ada slot utk taruk dua tiga contoh, remembered the perut story. heheheh, so iklan lah kejap :)
Yup, as long as we wont be charged or found guilty for telling bad story about people.
Is there a lawyer reading blog?
cause we can always refer to them in advance :D

Heheh, dah ada guideline,
so sekarang ni tak leh la nak maki orang tu lebih kurang lah yek? Boring boring,
tp pocket rasa ada satu penyelesaian,
sila buat karangan anda dan kasi kat blogger lain mintak tolong post. still kena berlapik lah...
tp camana plak nak komen?
komen cam biasa la kot, taruk link sikit bahawa ngomelan ini dari Pocket, gitu gitu :)
tp blogger sekalian boleh terima ker gitu?

Heheh, samo!! samo!! there is this one person who dont know about what blogging is about and start saying that i'll be one of those who will be in I5A after this...
hohooooo... aku bukan menulis nukilan p0l1t1k heh.
jgn terlalu open nk melontarkan ketidakpuasan hati dgn cuaca p0l1T1k mesia
yek? komen yang baik Mira, ni mesti base on berita semalam kan...

Hummm.. tak leh nak percayakan orang 100% kan.
tp tu lah, only inside blog that we can spill out all our worries, sadness, happiness and luv. tp kalau orang yg kita tak suka pun dah start commenting and reading all the things that we've written inside. even mentioning to outsider about our feeling and emotion.
aaaarrrggghhhh!!! boring woooo!!
kalau amy nak wat satu private blog,
please invite me also yah.

About bloggers bergaduh tu, pernah tgk satu kes gini,
cik staepler copy n paste penulisan cik pensel
cik staepler tak taruk kredit untuk cik pensel
ada pulak cik pembaris maki la cik staepler..
'dey apasal hang tak kasi kredit kat pensel!?'
cik staepler mintak mahap dan taruk kredit.
cik pensel sndiri dah maafkan dalam komen area..
tp cik pembaris duk maki maki lg, siap buat
entry tentang cik staepler wrong doing.
cik staepler duk tertekan ngan cik pembaris,
'ahai.. apo la yg nak gaduh gaduh' kata pocket (_ _)

so your comment on this matter will be
'entry will hurt/offended people directly/ indirectly
hummm... usually we dont get offended by other blogger if everyone is playing it according to rule and regulation. but that's just everybody's hope, the real world is different.
sensitive entry
lame lady using others pic trying to act cool
(Copy and Paste people's entry too)
lame guy saying he took all those pic, but he didnt

Pocket said...

hummm, i think the best guideline is like what banji said,
'Apa yg kita tak buat dlm real life, tak sepatutnya kita buat dlm blog. vice versa.
u hate people come to u and say,
'i hate your face,' well u dont do that to others lah kan...
the problem is in blog people can always be anonymous,
and being hit in the dark is sooooo not nice.
yes, people not coming to our blog is hurting. but who's to blame? :) heheh

hummm... moral compass?
yeah, They think hurting people is good and morally OK.
Dok kata macam macam ngan apa yg telah kita tulis,
'hell... kalau sayer tak suka sayur, jangan la duk dtg maki saya tak mau makan sayur kan!!?'
Tp banji tak makan ikan :) heheheh

tak boleh nak komen tentang
Sapa yg boleh kata moral compass kita ni betul :)

Nice conclusion bro... cant agree more:)

P Liyana,
Tak best kan, samo cam kita tengah duk beratur nak beli tiket, ado lelaki datang meludah kat kita...
tak der kena mengena ...
memang la buleh sabar,
tp still menyakitkan kan..

Yana ada pengalaman? care to share?:P

A t i Q a h said...

On the first few para tu, I do agree with you. Masa tengah sedih2, orang akan comfort kan kita.

But then, for me, kalau blog tu penuh entri sedih2 je, i would prefer not to read them always. Nanti I plak yang jadi sedih.

Tapi kalau he/she tulis pun, its up to him/her la kan. Tu blog dia.

I couldnt agree anymore with Banji. Mmg betul pun. Apa yang kita tak boleh buat in real life, kat blogging world ni pun kita tak boleh buat. ;)

Ayaq masak said...

DEFINITELY do NOT write about:
- your every emotion about everything that happened in your life or you will be tagged as 'transparent'.
- your boss, your colleagues, and anything work-related (I mean kalau setakat nak tulis Jumaat ni aku pi Paris untuk meeting yahu!!!! takpe la kan heh). ESPECIALLY perasaan tak puas hati about your boss or anything. Mana tau nanti dah tukar kerja the new company discovers your blog, boleh bagi bad impression about you lah kan.
- anything on 'politaik' (as my friend ifurayashi aka ayah p1n have said). Enough said. Salah tulih kang kena cekup masuk Ikut Suka Aku. Huhuhuhu.

So what do you wanna write? Write about:
- Little insignificant things in your daily life. It might look insignificant, but when you read it in 10 years time, it'll put a smile on your face.
- Significant things in your daily life. HAHAH.
- Persoalan2 bangang yang selalu muncul di minda anda, as in, apsal kuceng ada 9 nyawa? Apsal aku taknah paham hati pompuan? etc etc.

Eh ekceli aku pun taktau apa yang patut ditulis di blog. Kalau nak buat CurHat sangat, privatekan je lah blog tu.

Sekian saje rapikan yang bleh buat entry kat blog aku. HAHAHAHA.

Tny said...

OWh.. ni mcm blogging ethics je nih..

DOs & DON'Ts:
+ Blog psl benda2 ilmiah & berkualiti.
+ Berinformasi :: sharing is caring :)

- Terlampau extreme espc cerita psl tmpt kerja.. ha'ah manalah tahu our silent readers happen to be our collegues!!! :P

- X digalakkan cerita mggunakan nma sebenar :D of the 3rd parties.

Errmm.. watmasa ni, tu je yg terfikir.. baguslah bro, kuarkan soklan cmni :)

@k@kPOKPEK said...

life is short, be nice...

fairuzniza said...

ingat nak wat private je blog tu, tapi tak siok la pulak..

azie said...

erm ,betul tu bro. in blogging world, kita selalu dapat comfort from ppl that we don't know. but that's what make it more meaningful.

ni slogan baru. blogku, punching bag ku:P


Adry said...

wakakaka... cheryna sal perut tu lagi... hahahaha...

My Qiqong.. doing fine bro... i'll update you about this matter... there's a good news actually... hehehe

Ooo speaking about CURHAT, aku ada curahan hati about gratitude... and you know what?! There's a TAG for you at the end of it!! hahahaha... Jgn lupa buat k.. tak la susah mana pun...

Go here for details:

Yatie said...

Alhamdulillah setakat nieh tak penah plak dpt negative feedback for whatever entries yg ada dlm my blog tuh .. so, i just keep on posting everything yg terpikir dek kepala otak nieh .. apa2 pun, just think twice before u publish it..

Pocket said...

Beeetuuuuullll... reader ada kuasa memilih,
kalau duk asyik cerita sediiihhhh jer.
surely orang datang sekali dua jer kan.
tp still.. its her or his blog.
he can do what he want. its just that he or she will have less reader than the rest of the blogger lah kan..
Tp kita tak leh la plak nak gi blog dia and comment :
'Err, sedih sangat la blog ko ni.'
or maybe...
'err, tak berinformasi sangat la blog ko ni.'
dan juga...
'jiwang sangat la blog ko ni.'
'Politaik sangat la blog ko ni.'
(Ayat amik dr ayahP1n)
tte, dey!! aku punya suka laaa!! kan..
ntah hapa hapa ntah. (Pocket plak yg emo)

Ayaq M,
Peh!! nice comment ayaq.
the item mentioned by u really need to be considered by all.
-no emotion (Am i transparent ayaq?)
-no politaik
-no tak puas ati kat boss heheh,

Little insignificant thoughts?
yes, and i think i have lots of those.
tp kenapa hang pulak yang tak paham hati wanita?
atau hang nak camdek pocket!?
umph, have to admit, pocket memang tak paham hati wanita. huhuuuuuuuu

buleh la jgak nak privatekan blog anda kalau nak wat total curhat, tp tak der komen plak nanti.
demotivated jgak tuuu
stay anonymous? susah.. tp ada jgak reader ku yg stayed anonymous till today.

umph!! memang blogging ethics,
tengok tengok dalam blog orang lain jarang jarang disebut jer.. so pocket amik insiative untuk menulis sikit.

takut kan ngan silent readers.
actually MrBig PA is one of me reader.
tp tanya dia when was the last time dia baca,
dia kata cerita tentang gemuruh jiwa.
mak aiihhh..

ada orang yang dipanggil ngan nama nick blog dia di sekolah nyer, sebagai kata kata cemuhan.
kesian dia, dan kenapa? sebab dia taruk nama sebenar of the third parties.
Si mamat tu bleh google dan terus land in her blog:)
heheheh, jangan marah ya wahai empunya blog itu.

Yup, have to be nice, or we dont have enough time to ask for forgiveness.

Jangan private kan.
kang susah plak kenalan baru nak ke sana.
tp privatize kalu, 'dia' tak leh baca dah,
boleh la nak terlus sikit kan..

Peh, nice slogan:)
so basically camana pun kena blasah..
dia akan tetap diam :)
yup.. its definitely comforting to know
someone else agrees with your little idea.

heheh, Okeh, will be there next:)
besh nyer berbuka ngan puteri ezza!!
jelesh jelesh

umph, siapa yang nak disagree ngan photo kak.
hehehe, betul jgak ngan apa yg kak kata tu
think twice before posting,
think twice before commenting,
make it count.

lindosh said...

he he he..

tetiba me tatau nak komen entri ni :P

skarang ni ikut kata hati ja la. DO ka.. DONT ka.. terpulang lah kan.

kita tulis saja apa yg kita rasa nak tulis. tp kena pikiaq abis2 gak. pikiaq risiko dan kesan dari tulisan/komen kita tu.

sronok ok baca komen2 kat entri ni. eheh!

Pocket said...

pocket paham kalau lindosh kater tak tahu nak komen, tp still from your pengalaman, lindosh pastinya tahu teladan dan sempadan dalam blogging kan?
kasik la satu dua :)

hooh, sumer orang comment cam post entry jer. sukaaaa!!!
pas tu baca satu satu memang cam ikhlas dari ati jer punya komen,
peh, makasih banyak banyak kepada semua :)