Thursday, July 31, 2008

84. Diana II

Pocket...Sambungan dari last post : Diana I

...the empire become furious of his action just now,
it is so unwise for the boy to kick the ball showing
disrespect to the empire and most of all to Diana.
the empire then jumped down his throne

He walks ... briskly, fast somewhat like running,
He shouts dirty words so loud that pocket can hear
the curse word by word.
Diana, who was halfway from the court tried to stop
her father from becoming green,
tried to stop her father from killing someone.
Calling her father over and over again,
but the father didnt stop.
She failed.

she could only sit on the grassy field.
hugging her own knee, crying.
the father kept walking
kick the boys butt.
punched him in the face,
slap everybody in the group.
shake the boys head by holding to their hair.
Throwing the kicker to the ground.
diana watched the incident sadly,
stands up and runs the other way.
she runs to our side. towards me and past me. way past me.
way to the other side of the field.

How embarased she was of her father.
i'd say what the father did was merely out of luv.
and a pinch of his short temper.
untill to this day i think i can still see
diana's tears shines from the evening sunlite.
her father's act of luv humiliated her.

I wonder... will my act of luv be conceived as a
humiliation to someone i luv.
its just like when mama comb my hair during
a parent-teacher day in front of all the crowd.
it was back in 1946 when i was still a standard 5
did felt shy a little, 'oh! u dont have to do it here mama..'
but i do felt differently when i've met some of me friend
who only have their uncle, or their grandma,
or simply the PIC at their rumah anak yatim to come to the function.
'comb me hair again mama' with my hand messing me own hair..heheheh

*Edited* Wanted to put the pic yesterday, but blogspot are having those days of lembab nak mampus so, had to finish this today instead


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ tak pasal2 the kicker kena ngan diana's dad. sangat hot tempered la.. kalau yer pun syg, berpada-pada la jugak.

btw, 1946= standard 5? biar betul. ker 1964? hahahaha... ~

Pocket said...

silap tunjuk perasaan sayang jer tuu...

1946? sajer je nak mengaburi mata pembaca sekalian.
tak derkena mengena ngan pocket yg sebenar :)

filantera said...

this is what we call twisted end heheheh

bendul said...

aku dulu tader rambut untuk disikat oleh emak masa sekolah..
(i also remember back in 1946, i used to eat ubi kayu rebus with "nyok kukoq" before went to school in the morning..)

haaaa.. tua dah kita kan pocket..

*nyok kukoq = kelapa yg diparut dengan pemarut kelapa manual.. alaaa, yg macam naik kuda tu.. org panggil "kukoq nyok"..

Ayaq masak said...

Satu je aku nak komen.

Ko dah tua.

Pocket said...

hooh, Twisted Memories,
Filantera!! Kat padang skolah menengah kita la tuu!!

Kukoq Nyoq!!
Pocket memang dulu terer kukoq nyoq,
skrg ni dah lama tak wat so cam lupa la plak.

Umph!! pocket emang udah tua.
tp tetap hensem n digelar jejaka
dek awek penang sorang satu tika dulu

azie said...

cite betul ka?

just appreciate the love that ppl show to u. dun wait until it gone.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ aik, dah ader gambaq. sangat menariks... pocket buat guna photoshop ker? sangat terror la.

ya, pocket dan bendul dah tua. leh panggil hampa dua pak cik. :P ~

Ayaq masak said...

ah takdenye jejaka. Kan aku dah tarik balik term 'jejaka' tu.

Saye juge tahu kukoq nyoq. :D

Pocket said...

Hooh hooh, citer betul nii...
but ofcourse cikgu samad tu tak la berbaju besi dan mengangkat budak itu sebegitu.

heheheh, tu laaa... gambo tu patutnya di post skali ngan karangan. tp somehow blogspot tak leh nak online malam tu. kna la taruk gambo dari sumber lain ...huh!!
dey amy!! mano ado tua...
matang lagi hensem ado la jejaka berdua ini.. heh:)

tak per tak per,
tak perlu tarik balik kata kata ikhlas mu itu.
bak kata orang orang tua...
terlajak perahu buleh gostan,
terlajak kata merana badan :)

meh kita lawan kukoq nyoq nanti bebila nak?

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i luv the animation!!!

u did it urself, pocket?

Princess Liyana said...

Alahai. garangnya diana's dad ek:p

Pocket said...

Cheryna P,
umph!! i did it myself, took quite a fair bit of time though :) eheh

memang terkenal ngan kesamsengan nyer.
Mano buleh tumbuk student!! hoh!!