Tuesday, July 01, 2008

72. DisIsMySecondCard

Farid's eyes was still on her,
even though he know that she can not see him,
but the thought is there.
The hope,
Finished stuffing her baggage,
she stood on the side of her father's car.
leaning on to the car's door.
looking into farid's direction.
In the dim of the light from that distance
its definitely imposible to differentiate
a man from an ape, Farid knows this,
but he allows his heart to feel happy cause
she does looked into his direction. Sepi...
Felt like she's looking at him. Sunyi...
The car stopped awaiting the other car infront moves.
And that was the last time he's seing her...

'hari ni kan bos, ujan laaaa, punya la lebat.
bos balik mana? ooo kl kaa.. saya dulu duk kl jugak
bawak taxi sat...'
bable the taxi driver. farid just answered shortly
in every question and story the taxi driver throw.
so short that sometime its just a sound made by
air flowing out of the nose.
'hmm' all the way,
only the intonation changed.

but it was not like that when he was with her,
she was simply intelligent and so does the
conversation she delivers.
Not a wonder considering their background,
no moment of silent ever occured.
If it was a badminton match,
the rally of the shuttlecocks one side to the other
just goes on and on from the first serve.
Non stop till the empire calls the match off
with an even score.
The exausted mask fade away,
smiles shone the dark and laughter broke the silence.
it was just like they were 18 again.
(Farid is 36 and she was late 20's)
'dipersilakan untuk penumpang dari tempat duduk 40 menaiki pesawat sekarang'
'Well i guess thats our call, since our seat is not dat near, i guess its good bye then'
said farid fishing...
'yes.. how time flies ha? i wish the flight got
delayed or something.. but i guess we're not
that lucky arent we'
she replies showing her sadness.
'Can i.. can i contact u in any way, fon number or e mail maybe?'
Requested Farid taking out his phone,
It was a long shot... but still it was worth the embarassment.

'aaa... ok, but aaa.. eheh, have to inform u dattaaa..'
elongated pronunciation.
a three seconds pause and a sort of guilty smile,
'i'm married' she said with a slight regret,
showing the wedding ring at her finger.
'and? so do i' farid blurted out things just to get even.
'its not like i wanna cheat my wife with u or anything...
to get acquainted with a wonderful person like u would
be an honour, even felt lucky'

'Am i? now i know u are trying to be nice u sweet talker..'
'no... its true, when else can i meet a doctor-to-be who got
a scholarship from Cairo just to ...bla bla bla... '

and they kept on chatting away to their seat
about her husband,
about his wife and the four askar
about her family,
about his son who also might wanna be a doctor

and by that farid forgotten his mision.
To get her mail address.
There u go pocket, another piece of the story.
n here i'm putting the 'coma' mark again.

Always respect woman who admit dat she's
married.cause we men sometimes does not.
But then again relationship does not have to be
forgotten just because of the wedlock.
Cause there's so much more then being a friend and
then love and then getting married.
Which for married couple would be getting married
again secretly.

For those who's unavailable out there...
do u announce your status whenever being asked
for your number?


Ayaq masak said...


Ayaq masak said...

La apsal sambung lagi.

(Notice the delay between the first comment and this one. Haha sep tempat dulu. :P)

I guess I won't tell, but I will show that I'm not available by my not so subtle signs kot?


pandagumuk said...

things shud be clear first kan.feelings can lie.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ kenapa ekh org laki yg dah kawin especially nya la kan, suka sangat nak ngorat perempuan lain. sedangkan dia dah ada family yg cukup bahagia. nak test market kah? or nak main-main kah? and i hate those people yg mcm tuh.

okeyh, skang baru la yakin Farid tuh bukan Pocket. hikhikhik... :P ~

lindosh said...

adeh.. tamo komen lagik. tunggu la next entri. katanya ada sambongan kann ahaha

p/s;- farid bukan pocket? ececece

Pocket said...

tang sep tempat tu yg tak mau nak terima tu,
tapi pasal comel,
kena la terima jugak
mano buleh!!,
kalau orang beratur mano buleh duk wat ...'saya cup tempat ni yah!!'

hummm... and how will your subtle signs be ayaq.. :)

Panda G,
Feelings can lie? huhuuuu dalamnyaaa... care to elaborate more?:D

eheh, tang sep tempat tu yg tak mau nak terima tu,
mano buleh, kalau orang beratur mano buleh duk wat ...'saya cup tempat ni yah!!'

hummm... and how will your subtle sign be ayaq.. :)

takut nya nak komen apa yg amy komen, makan diri kang hehehehe
spice up your life maybe?

yup amy, farid is not pocket,
glad we've cleared dat one :)

eheh, tang sep tempat tu yg tak mau nak terima tu,
mano buleh, kalau orang beratur mano buleh duk wat ...'saya cup tempat ni yah!!'

hummm... and how will your subtle sign be ayaq.. :)

Loh!! komen la tentang the whole karangan ker apa:) tp the finale is just around the corner so tungguuuuuu... eheh,

Ayaq masak said...

And whyyyy did you reply my comments THREE times? Tsktsktsk...

Hmm how will my subtle signs would be? You have to date me first to know. ;)

bendul said...

1) kenapa aku rasa macam sedih dan hiba bila aku baca ending cerita nih..

2) men always lie, but the most honest person also men.. women seldom lie, but not so honest..
(it's the matter of "honne" and "tatemae" if describe in japanese.. right pocket..?)

3) ayaq nak date ngan pocket..? mana aci..!! nak gak nak gak..!!

4) still fishy about the pocket and farid things..

filantera said...


its about platonic relationship kan!

tak semestinya man + women = married / scandal / anak jerrr...

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

heh..camner nk cakap ekkk????

watashi jarang nk kasi no phone kt org ikut ps situasi la kannnn
kalo dah sah sah terserlah keboyaan dan kenagaan...cepat2 je watashi cakap

anak saya yg no pat tu musti suka laki prihatin cam awak

A t i Q a h said...

Hmm..biasalah, lelaki. Ha ha ha.

ninadw said...

maaf la pocket..
tak sempat nk baca ur story.. huhu..
tp nk bg gak komen :p

nti klo nina sempat baca, nina akan bagi komen balik.. hehe

Princess Liyana said...

Status : I'm single, and available. how about that? huk2 ni say it out loud ni:p
kang org ingat isteri org plak:P

Annaster said...

Kena ke mentioned our status when there is charming guy asking ur name??
Kena pk byk kali tuh..
Well, depends la pada woman herself, kalau nak announce announce la.. Kalau tak, makanya tak la..
Itu pun kalau ditanya la..

Danisha said...

Pocket siap buat telenovela nih...terkezut betul....

apa2 pun 'that girl' bukan kita...
dan Farid bukan Pocketkan?....

Pocket said...

Peh!! terreply tiga kali!!
sebab nak menyatakan dengan terang dan jelas..
cam fight club:
the 1st rule is 'do not talk about fight club!'
the 2nd rule is 'do not talk about fight club!'

Heheh. tersilap copy and paste sebenarnya ( _ _;
humm... humm... subtle as if,
'i nak balik...
u nak hantar i?
tak nak pun tak per...
tp nak hantar pun besh,
minyak mahal skrg so u
tak nak hantar pun i paham,
tp kalau u hantar i,
i buleh citer kungfu panda kat u,
but then again...
ikut suka ati u laaa...'
huhuuuuu... tak naaaaakkkkkkk...

heheh, aku pun tak tau,
1)tp aku memang nak tulih citer sedih pun,
2)Honne and tatemae? seriously tak paham.
what if u elaborate more bout that.
post about it if u will.
3)Nak gak!! nak gak!!?? ko nak date ngan aku.. ok jer bendul.. kita gi karaoke nak? I belanja u makan eskrim kat swensen heheh*bweekkkkk!!!*
4)....la la la ...
(nyanyi pocket sambil membuat muka tak tahu^^)

heheh, Platonic?
yup!! i agree!!
a man and woman changing phone number or e mail address doesnt have to end with a sexual relationship. there is always
supplier to customer
network member.
teacher student.
mentor mentee.:)

jangan kasi sangat phone no anda tak tentu pasal. zaman sekarang ramai sangat stalker dok kacau anak dara orang,
silent phonecall in the middle of the night.
phone call saying that they have your naked photo.
huhuuu... takuuuttt... :(

tp anak no pat tu tak paham. kenapa pat?:)

Loh!! tak sempat baca ker? eheh,
ini mengatakan bahawa karangan ku terlalu panjang.
And still u guys asked me why do i put it in series.
Nevermind honey,
take your time and please come again with your comment.
this blog is nothing without comments :)

Princess Liyana,
yes, thanks for the clarification.
But reading your blog one would know it already.
that u'r status is as per mentioned.
anyone ever thought Princess is somebody's?

umph!! tu la, perlu ker?
tp betul jgak kata hanachan,
kalau mamat tu menggatal semacam jer better la,
just to let him know that he is entering an area
that need precaution.
Kalau mamat tu tak menggatal,
tak perlu pun tak per,
if he's not talking about
what is your favourite food.
when is your birthday.
what kind of men do u like.
When is the last time u've been to pangkor
(just to ask the next question which is
'lets go together')
then by all means. No Need for announcement. :)

eheh, telenovela tu bukan macam drama mingguan 'sindarela' tu ker? eheh,
eheh, bukan la novel sangat, cerita yg terlalu panjang nak wat satu post.

'She' is not u
Farid is not pocket.. yeeaa!! akhirnya ado satu insan pocketeers diluar sana yang terima bahawa farid bukan pocket... heheheh..

bendul said...

bweeekk.. kimo--i.. aku takmo swensen, aku nak haagen dazs.. muahahaha..
honne + tatemae shiranai..? jyaa.. kaku wa..

Pocket said...

Heheh, kat swensen tak mau yek!!?
tp kat haagen dazs tak der perasa melon cam kat jpung. tp atleast ada macha yg ado jgak perasaan cam kat jpung dulu... sukaaa!!!

MC said...

hmm... bln lepas masa MC jenjalan sorang2 kat area jalan TAR, ada sorang mamat nih die follow MC dari belakang. MC perasan die follow pas kuar dr LRT Jamek lagi. bila dah sampai kat area Masjid India dia pun tegur MC. bla bla bla. sembang sambil jalan. at last dia mintak no hp sbb dia cakap nk kawan. terus-terang MC ckp MC dh bertunang terus dia x jd mintak no hp. dia mintak no ofis lak. hahahaha. memula tuh dia siap ckp dia cuti ari tu, kalo nk jenjalan dia leh teman. bila dgr tu MC takut tu yg terus ngaku nak kawen ujg thn nih. kwang kwang kwang. sib baik ler muka dia bkn muka penyangak. kalo x, mmg awal2 lg MC dh pecut 100m.

fairuzniza said...

wah, menarik sambungan dia. :P

hm, selalu gak dapat situasi camni..tapi bukan dengan married man la..selalu nye lelaki2 bujang yang dah ada makwe tapi mengaku single. even ngaku tak penah becinta..

last2, bila kita dah fall for him gila2, tetibe je dia menjauh..alasan: dah ada makwe. padahal masa mula2 kenal dan tanya banyak kali, tapi tanak ngaku..


susah sangat ke nak ngaku status?

kalau sy..sy sangat seronok mengaku status sy.. :)

cempaka said...

Yes i'll do tanpa rasa was-was dan untuk memberikan no tel kepada orang yang baru dikenali makes me think twice la.

Ayaq masak said...

Hoi itu bukan subtle itu namanya muka tak malu dah tu.. But yeah I tend to do that when I'm nervous. Blabber pejadah tak tentu pasal. -_-;

Ape la yang tak naaaaaaaak tu?

Aku pung agak kimoi jugak ah bendul. Ahaha. Eh haagen dasz kat sini bleh makan ke? Aku nampak cam murah2 kat sini hehehhehehu nak buat bekalan makanan di hari tua.

Pocket said...

waahh!! dia ikut dari jauh!? stalker tuh,
i think masa memula tu dia memang nak cari 'fling'
tp bila dah tau status MC,
dia rasa mcm buleh berterus terang plak ngan MC,
so trus jer dia bagi actual status dia :)
so kasi tak fon no?

that's the problem,
masa berkenalan semuanya nak remains anonymous.
cause both party think that this will be those kinda relationship dat will not go on.
but the condition changes
after two teh ais,
a series of dinner.
mula lah nak kena bagi tau perkara sebenar.
tak bertanggung jawab btul tu...huh!!

do i address u as cempaka or Kiah?
Cause i'll be changing the name there at the 'Pocketeers column'
better think twice, takut nanti your phone will be ringing on and on cause the number is written in some toilet somewhere in KL saying
'for a good time call - 01x xxx 32xx)...
(This does happens)

heheheh, somehow cam buleh bayang kan, hehehe
(tak nak antar ayaq pasal minyak dah mahal..heh)
tak der lah, :) for u honey, everywhere i will.
Aku dulu belasah jer Haagen dazs kat jpung sana, slamba jer :)
so kalau ayaq nak try buleh la bantai,
just dont go for the 'RumRaisin' jer la kot.
tte jeleeeesssss!!!!!

Ayaq masak said...

Bencik ah ko bayangkan tah pape. Uuuuuu.


Chinamini (wah dah terer aku guna pkataan ni ahahaha), aku rasa aku paham je pasal bendul cakap honne ngan tatemae tu... eheheehhh.

azie said...

u've been tagged!

fairuzniza said...

tu la..
tak bertanggungjawab betui!

worse, kalau dah declare ngan kite, tapi tibe2 mintak putus with no apparent reason. sekali kita dapat tau yg actually dia memang dah ada makwe long before dia declare ngan kite! kambing je..huhu..

[berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri..wawawa]

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

saje je nk cakap yg watashi dah beranak pinak


Pocket said...

heheh tak der la aku bayang kan ntah hape hape...
ape yg ko ingat aku bayangkan!!?

umph, tgh tunggu bendul post about the Honne and tatemae. nanti kita forum kan diri kita kat bendul nyer 'u'llNeverLearn' tuh... eheh:)

wah!! macam paham ngan keadaan tu,
actually ado jgak keadaan dimana one simple whitelies kept on lying on and on untill the whole things becomes a catastrophy.

Ayaq masak said...

aik, marah nampak bang?

bendul said...

kalo paham bagus.. nanti kita kasik "gaduh" kat sana.. aku suka gaduh2 menda2 camnih.. uhuk uhuk..

Pocket said...

eh takkk.. tak der...
nak amik? amik laaah...
mcm filem tiga abdul :)

Err.. bendul,
gaduh kat 'sana'?
sana tu mana?