Wednesday, March 26, 2008

34. Saraba KoboriSama

Dear Pocket..
the other day i've went to Kobori san's
soubetsukai(farewell party). we held it lightly,
well the budget was quite low and most of us
wont come if the required RM is too high.
the party was held at 6pm. after work, i've run
back to me place to take my 'dewi' to go with me.
the cloud seems like its going to rain...
so i brought the rain coat with me.
as i was speeding with my EX5 the rain started to
fall. i had to stop. took out my rain coat and as
i was just going to wear them i realised...
Me Dewi!!
i can heal with a few panadol down my throat...
but my dewi would only heal with money spent
for maintenance.
so i've decided to wrap her instead of myself.
protecting her delicate body rather than
my living skin.

so off i went with her being safe from the pouring water...
as i arrived in the farewell dinner venue.
everybody was waiting.
there were three more arrived later than i am and the
party started at 710pm.
They prepared a fair ammount of food on the table.
the menu was :
mee udang,
nasi goreng udang,
sate ayam,
kueh cara

it was nice. the food was nice since i'm wet and hungry.
I've taken photo of the whole majlis...
so i couldnt eat more than one piece of udang dat day.
(well actually i shouldnt be eating any udang since am infected with 'resdung')
but basically i was kept busy.

'how was the food?'
'nice... i like it'
'dont u think its a bit salty, or the taste a bit thick?'
'well... i think its a bit of a kick in it, but u cant take this everyday'
'well...u will die, see... everything in this
world should be taken in moderate.
because everyday u are eating a special cuisine, it wont be special anymore'

hummm... btul jgak tu pocket...
tetiap ari makan lobster...
mahu mati resdung pakcik...
n then if i ever goes to a nice dinner with the Mrs,
n they're serving lobster... i'll puke and vomit lah kut.
I wonder what is the favourite food for those salmon fisherman.
i know they'r eating the salmon should they run out of food supply.
i'd say it'll be nasi la kut... heheh...

reviewed back the phot i've taken, i'd have to say the lighting
was not enough and direct flash is just not my style.


bendul said...

Pocket.. ader ker mr. big kat situ..? yang mana satu..?

Pocket said...

clue... dia yang paling senyum bergigi sekali heheh

Yatie said...

nyum .. nyum .. lamanya dah tak makan sate ..nyum .. nyum .. leleh dah air liur nieh :p

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ buka2 jer terus nampak mee udang tuh. kecur air liur cheq... lapar ya amattt nie. :P ~

Ceera said...

wah, gambar nampak best.. nampak ajer la best kan, hiks...

Pocket said...

umph...gambo memang nampak cam besh ...
tp realitynya... tak lah besh sangat. sedap la tp tak besh... cam
'aaaaa...tidaaaakkk!!! besh nyer mi udang iniiii!!!!'
gitu gitu

yatie :
kat sano pun mesti ado udang kan... bebawak la masak mi udang, masak maggi lima minit. n taruk udang kat atas wahahahah

that's the main purpose taruk gambo mi udang dulu... nak kasi lapar dulu wahaha

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ kesabaran jer.. sebabkan tgk gambar mee udang tue, semalam i g carik mee udang tau kat Mines. tapi, malangnya tak dek pun.. lepas nie sesi mencari mee udang. hope la ader.. :P

btw, i add ur link. okeyh? ~

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

cun je gambo ni pocket..takde masalah pun..cantik!
semua sedap

dewi selmat ye mlm tu?
jgn asi kena ujan
kasihan dewi

mummysyafie said...

nampak sedap je ni pocket..

Pocket said...

Umph... am adding your link to mine also, Thanks for adding mine in yours :D

Hana Chan:
Umph... Alhamdulillah Shukur dia selamat. Tp kita la plak yang selsema sket.
Dewiii... Dewii...