Tuesday, August 02, 2005


heheh.. hai pocket.. today have been quite hectic for me.. all the works.. all the things have to be settled.. you'll be terkejut besor if i tell u what happened to me today. of course i wont tell u .. why? its embarassing..
ok ok .. i'll tell u lah.. jangan la marah.. so today i went to this gym.. and they have given me all their bull shit .. sweet talking to me into signing up for their three month subscription. hehhe.. and the worst part is .. i fall for it.. haha.. how do i ever have da time to do such thing.. and the cash that i have to pay for this three month is like too mahal lah.. 150 for three month.. is it ok or not..
But the thing is .. i have been doing dumbbell for almost two years.. but still cannot see any result.. well any serious result .. so i think i have to make that first move lah.. maybe i'll not be as macho as bradpitt.. but if i can be kurus sket pun dah ok ..
Humm i know what u're thinking.. 'still wit u're hangat hangat taik ayam kan.'. hummm maybe.. but i'll try as hard as i can .. so that i can reach my goal. wish me luck lah.. okeh .. babai.. see u next time when i'm macho as hell:P.. hahaha!!

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enelza said...

humm...sometimes life isn't fair enough...tp knela berusaha kan,kalu nak mencapai tangga kejayaan:)all dbest kay!
p/s:moga2 ngn usahe ke gym tu berkesan la ek:p ehehe!!