Tuesday, August 16, 2005


HekHokHekHok Pocket,
I’ve been going to gym for like three times a week lately. Well I’ve paid my good money 50 ringgit per month. So I have to go at least 10 times a month to get 5 ringgit per entry right.. which is still damn mahal cause normal gym would charge u only 2 to 3 ringgit per entry.. worth it? Hummmm dunno lah.. but I wanna look good for her.. wanna dress the baju she bought for me.. wanna be as macho as can be so that all da other girl who sees us together, would jealous like hell .. and say ‘where did she pancing a guy like that?’ heheheh …. Pathetic ? yeah but I know she would do da same to me also.. heheh
So this gym I’m going is quite fun .. got a little area for aerobic.. two thread mills ( the lari machine) 4 bicycle that bring you nowhere ( I dunno what its called) a few other weight lifting machine. I thought I’ve got a hang of weight lifting.. but I was wrong.. last night .. I got pening lalat that nearly knocked me off the floor.. it was after the 15 minutes lari.. then I’ve gone for the 20 kg barbell.. done that do some crunch for the perut.. and then .. just as I was gonna do something for the triceps.. the pening lalat come.. huh.. I could not balance my feet and almost fallen to the ground like nangka.. hahah.. but some how I could reached for the machine to hold on to.. and cover macho like I was just resting.. huuhhu.. takuuuuuttttt…. Next time .. I wont be doing any of those serious lari no more. Just 10 min.. then stop ..then lari again three time.. hai .. manja kan .. hummm I know.. lagi pat tahun la nampak nya baru nak dapat cutting brad pitt..ehheeh
Anyway .. happy nyanyi, lapar nak makan kfc kat KLIA..:)

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