Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Just arrived from KL this morning at 5 o’clock, huh.. ngantut bangat sih. Seriously exhausted beb, but it was for a good cause. Wanna hear my story?The story goes something like this.
I went to kl on the midnight of Friday, it was rainy and I was full. Ate a nasi goreng ikan masin at 8 and a magi goreng at 1130 huh!! Added up with teh tarik besar, still I bought an air kotak wit some almond for the road. The trip to kl was quite cozy, since I slept all the way. I was exhausted from my whole day work.. what do you expect? Reached my destination at 6 in da morning, the local bus already in business and I missed the first trip. Well what da heck.. wait for a while and off I go to the kerinchi. Walked to mama’s house and as soon as I reached there the mama is already waiting for his son. Huh.. a warm welcome to this lonely travelers.
I didn’t sleep after that , since the mama have a lot to say and tell .. stories, secrets, thoughts etc… at 930 the Amira woke up, and things lightened up at that dull wooden house with her cute smile. Echoed with her laughter and her high pitch voice. Quite a doll I might say.
At 10 she wanted to go to ‘schwimming’(six years old’s tongue), well why not? Then we went for a dip in the Public Swimming pool just beside the Univ. LRT Station. Just to my surprise, she already good in swimming, well with the help of the papan polystyrene la of course. After two hours of swimming, we got back to the house and have our self some nasi lemak and only then did I had my shut eye. Huh.. woke up at two, rushed my self to KLIA to see her for the first time after 8 month. Huh!! Rindu bangat beb..
Peh .. panjang sangat la plak pocket.. I’ll continue my story the next time lah.. besok ker lusa.. anyway, have a happy cuti pocket. Eat as much as u can, just don’t get bigger dah lah.. For me my visit to the house of pain (Gym) will be continue as usual.

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