Saturday, August 27, 2005


Hoh.. pocket, today I’ve accidentally scolded a colleague. Its not intentionally... its like this. I want this thing to be done this way. Send to this area first then some body will come and settle things up and then bring this thing to that place and everything will be settle in the most efficient way la .. well at least I think this is the most efficient way la kan .. but then she just wont understand. She just kept on asking why this and why that.. why don’t u do this and do it like otherwise.. I’ve given her my reason.. why not this and why not that. But she just wouldn’t understand. Huh!! How haa.. and then .. I wanted to explain thing easily so I wanted to draw it to her.. she take this as an insult and she says ‘ alaa .. jangan la lukih lukih.. cam sayer ni bebudak lak .. ‘’ memang la ko to cam bebudak!! Benda simple gini pun aku nak kna lukih kasi paham’ scolded me in high pitch. It was an accident. I swear. Didn’t mean to hurt her feeling.
Then she was just diam and nod anything that I’ve said. ‘ok tak?’ I asked, ‘ikut suka ati ko lah’ tte. I’m feeling guilty. Hoh.. guilt can really can kill kan .. Pocket.. its hard to do work.. especially if your work demands u to hope on somebody else’s work. Then u would want everything to work the way u want it to be.. the way u want it to be.. and u forget .. that others also have opinions ..others also doing work to get some gaji at the end of the month.. huh!! Seriously susah la ..
Its 745 in the evening and she has gone back.. to her husband, to her kids… I think I’ll call her up and apologise lah.. should I or shouldn’t I ?


== aiN == said...

feeling guilty really makes us uncomfortable...but then if the person u scolded is an open-minded person..terasanyer tuh kejap je...

pocket said...

heh.. hopefully like that la.. but i've appologise to her, n somehow she's ok wit it.. thank god lah..