Wednesday, August 03, 2005


DongKaDong DaPocket!!
Today have been quite a hectic day, after this I’ll be racing my way to that superbly delicious bihun sup at the pasar malam. I luv da bihun sup lidah, seriously make your lidah melt.. hahah.. have to stop describing bout the delicacies I’m going to pig myself to, cause I’m starting to ‘terliur’ already J
I’ve read her blog again today, the way she’s writing her blog.. just like talking.. just like novel .. with every words arranged like it was a play. I’m infatuated. Me liking her? I don’t think so, why? Cause I hate all the things that she’d written bout herself. From my point of view.. she’s like so getik and so perasan lawa.. n so on .. my list wont end.. bottom of my list.. it’ll be like during my day in MRSM, I was once public humiliated by one of those kinda girl. Huh.. hate every moment of it..
But every day I’ll read her blog. Why ? cause I like her English.. I like the way she’s writing.. the way she express herself, even though getik but still interested me. Dunno lah.. pervert ? hahaha.. that I’ll have to admit.. I am pervert.. heheh.. is pervert a sin? Somebody please answer this.
Is it a sin to read others blog without the owners permission.? I don’t think so..Do you like it if there were other occhang reading your blog every night with that creepy smile on his face.. huh.. thinking like that would really give me a creep lah .. I’m not ok with that condition also.. hummmmmm
Ps: tgh duk henpon de talking wit u.. really miss u..

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