Tuesday, August 30, 2005

EF50mm f1.8 EF50mm F1.4 USM

Lately it’s been raining here, I don’t know weather it’ll be raining on the day. Hopefully everything will go just fine lah pocket.
I wanted to buy this lense, huh.. what do you think? The right one or the left one, both of them is 50 mm. f 1.8 the prices is 300 something. Fell in love with this thing the moment I saw it at Midvalley kl. Why do you need this ? well if you go to a party where no zoom is needed. Then why bring along your 80 mm sigma zoom? When you go to a place where the light is limited, u’ll be needing a lense that can provide u with aperture as big as possible. Which this lense will provide u with such aperture. So in other word.. I want this lah..heheh.. I’ll be taking photograph at this akad nikah ceremony this merdeka. I thought I’ll be the plan B.. but I was wrong.. I was the plan A.. meaning they actually hoping for me to take the photo for such ceremony. Huh!! I’ve never seen any akad nikah ceremony yet… I don’t know the moments.. this pressure is really getting to me. So I’ll need the lense by today .. or .. I wont perform effectively. (heheh.. as if I don’t know u .. If u want something, u’ll be tergedik gedik to get it till u cant sleep) Ahhhh diam lah pocket!!

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