Saturday, August 20, 2005


Hahaha.. last night I have gone to drink drink wit da frenz.. and arrived at my house at 11 in the night. Then slept until 730 in the morning with the underwear still intact..huh!! I even slept with the same outfit as I went out wit da frenz.. hoho.. kalau la ado bini .. mesti kna leter nyer lah.. hehe..
Pocket pocket… what do you think bout frenz and girlfrenz.. is there any different.? I don’t, why? Cause I think if u wanna be sincerely frenz wit a girl or a guy.. then u shouldn’t treating them as if there have jantina loooo.. why.. then u’d be cam control.. ngan kekawan pompuan pun cam nak ngorat jer layan nyer ..Some time I had chances of going to karaoke wit those who are famous in the ‘office’. Have to admit there are cute and body lawa and everything.. but somehow no sparks. No Chemistry.. I didn’t even treat them as girl even.. hantam jer .. like they also boy like me..why? because we’re only frenz heheh.. am I normal?
Eh Pocket!! Tonite I’ll be going to KL to meet her tomorrow.. a little bit tak sabar sket nii.. hehe.. so babai la pocket..keep on hunting.. for one day.. u’ll find da right one.:)

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