Friday, August 05, 2005


Hahaha.. guess what pocket.. I’ve went to that gym I was talking about.. quite interesting .. quite penat.. of course la kan .. a gym is a house selling pain.
Went there yesterday. After work, parked my Honda nearby and climbed up that stairs, the gym was fourth floor, hwaa.. getting there also needed some effort to burn fat.. hehe!when I entered the gym, everybody’s know me already.. ‘this was da guy who come twice but didn't enrolled in’ heheh.. ofcourse la kan .. u need the time to think of all the thing first.. da money .. da time .. da work .. and then after signing some documents.. received this lousy t-shirt.. and start da workout lah.. heheh this is where the pain starts.
The instructor told me to run for 15 min.. and so I did.. run on that mesin lari for 15 min.. I thought it would be a kacang one.. but I was wrong.. it was tougher than I thought. Maybe my veins was all filled up with lemak from all those chicken I’ve been eating .. I got dizzy, I couldn’t run no more. Stop and jalan jalan around to relax myself.. hahaha.. pathetic right? Hummmm…
Then comes in the instructor .. he teaches us on the appropriate stretching.. at this point I was having muscle pain already all over my body. Huh!! Am I that old??!.. then comes the barbell.. this one was 20 kg, he told us to do 12 rep. two times. Hohoho.. this one kills the bisep.. and then comes more and more torture.. haha.. I was so sakit tangan.. I couldn’t straightened my hand. Bengkok jer.. after done with the torturing.. every body was given free time.. I spent mine by the water machine… heheh.. penat beebbb..
Sampai rumah by 11.. and I was pening already.. huh.. am I going to do this for at least another three month?hohoho..
Pocket.. no pain no gain they say.. well don’t wanna gain anything then .. but that brad pitt cutting.. huh.. yatte miyou kaaa…. Sankagetsu gurai.. heheh

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