Sunday, July 31, 2005


hai pocket...
long time no write.. sorry.. today i went back to da kampung, do some gardening .. which makes me feel happy even though for a while only.. life has been very penat .. but then again .. if u're not doing dis life of yours.. who's going to do it for u? kan..:) Pocket!! this month she will coming back from japan .. wowiiiii.. like happy bangat.. hehe.. missed her alot.. like alot .. thinking of her .. missing her ..makes me feels sakit at my tulang rusuk kiri.. like my hati is actually react physically to this feeling of 'rindu'... how? dont ask laa.. i'm no doctor..
Actually i got nothin to tell u today poket.. sorry lah.. lately to much things happening to me .. and i dont think i can think straight right now.. i think i just wanna end this now lah..
ps: have u ever wonder how much one little thing can do to your life.. little thing.. little news.. somebody's marrying somebody.. somebody died.. that guy cheated on his family... that girl is pening to think bout her new born baby's name... this guy ran over a child wit his car. the grief.. the sadness.. and of course not to forget the happiness and the joy............. these and those thing will effect u .. what if ?what if happen to me? how do i bear it .. huh!! (PS tp panjang nak mampus)

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