Thursday, August 18, 2005


Tomorrow I’ll be going to KL to meet her.. well I’ll be meeting her on the sabtu petang.. huhu.. tak sabar la plak nak makan kfc.. (although yesterday I ate two pieces of those evil chicken leg deep fried in hydrogenated oil) but still.. KLIA’s KFC will taste better .. hoho..
I don’t have anything to write to you today pocket.. other than that my life is still penat .. and money just wont be enough Eventhough u’re doing ot every sabtu ahad and everyday until 8.. why? The curse of utang.. huhu.. but still u have to live your life la kan .. hehe well u have to stop on buying things u never needed.. for instance da pocket pinggang.. don’t even think of buying the third one.. I’m warning u
The banji is already reading my blog lah pocket.. so watch out what u say.. don’t be telling off our secret yek.. but even if u’ve write anything in here which is our secret.. well It’s ok la kut .. cause da brother understands.. huhu.. terasa segan la plak ..knowing da banji is reading this.. but then again felt like wanna pulun to write more.. why?.. well now that somebody is reading ..have to write often la kan .. hehe.. hopefully all my other frenz also can read my blog.. then I’ll be writing like two times a day hahahaha..

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