Sunday, February 19, 2012

528. Independent

It was after SPM.
I took a job 28km away from my home town just
to fill in the free time waiting for my SPM
result. Working in a shopping complex as a
shoes promoter.
'lai lai!! beli kasut! mulah mulah!'

One day I got to know a lady that her name
got something to do with the sentence
'Dirgahayu malaysia tanah airku'
lets cal her IMA shall we, a general name
I always call lady character in my post.
She worked in the girls dress department,
kinda fit her well since she's those slightly
underweight girl who u'll definitely ask her
to take another serving of nasik during
lunch time. Her hair was like rihanna dancing
under the umbrella. I'd say her face was also
best described as rihanna too. Dark skin with
lips that looks like soft chewy marshmellow.
ish! gigit gak kang!

Ima was a runaway kid who didnt even gone tru
her SPM. She drifted her way from somewhere
south untill she landed herself in a friend's
house and living there for 6 months since.
One night her friend's family had to go to
some funeral somewhere west and they could not
leave a stranger in the house all alone for
the whole week.(takut si IMA angkut bersih,
abis perabut perabut dan apa jua benda yang
tak ter'skru' ke dinding ilang)

So they've asked her to find another
shelter to stay for the whole week...
My house was her only hope then,
me and my brother had to make the call..
'Mama.. ada kawan nak mai tidoq 
umah kita seminggu buleh dak?'
'oohh.. ok'
'aaaa dia pompuan'
'apphaaaaaa!!!' ala ala ibu mertuaku
jeng jeng jeng jenggggg

She stayed in my house the whole week,
Since my mother and grand mother was also home,
there was nothing notty I can do. I remember that
was the week our wooden stair squeaked and somehow
the metal hinges from the door also making those
creepy ghost movie sounds.
(Old school preventive action, they can make
wooden furniture and stairs squeak)

That was also the week that I've found out the
ladies short skirt from the Shopping COmplex
was actually a 'seluar' disguised as miniskirt.
Ironing them is not that easy!! oih!!

End of the story, here is the post.
I think I am independent enough,
I mean I went to MRSM when I was 16,
and started to wash my own shirt by myself
then.. money from my parent was never enough,
Not their fault, it was just me who wanted to
eat branch with the rich and famous.
So I'm selling maggi to pay for them.
Ohh I thought I am independent enough,
until I meet IMA. She ran out of her house due
to some family issue. Putting aside the thought
of running away from your family is a stupid thing
to do, I think I adore her strong will.
I will never be as tough as she is.

Being a young girl running away from parent,
sleeping in friend's house,
hoping that she is not the daughter
of some low standard pimp who would sell her
by the kilo. Then when a problem with the
current roof over her head arises,
she took care of her ownself by asking
a male friend if she could crash at
his place for the week, praying to god
that I'm not renting with another six boys
who would happily have her for 'dinner'.

My mother did talked to her, venusian talk.
heart to heart... and my mother too think
that she is a girl who know how to carry herself
in uncharted seas with strangers tide to rely on.

Dat movie songlap reminded me of her.
I wonder where she is now?
married a rich dato' I presume...
it was her dream then...

how about u pocketeers,
independent enough?


Anisa Hang Tuah said...


same question here.

where is she now?

mana?mana?ke mana menghilang?

littledolphin said...

honestly i am not independent enough.i wish i could be.however,i was rarely given the chance.mainly because i am the only child and i'm a girl,that my mum cant give her trust to me.which is very sad,you know.i'm almost nineteen and i havent do much in life.i feel so unfulfilled.

and only now i feel she has started to give me little trust.

when i was in boarding school,i could only ulang-alik from ganu to kl by flight.cant take public bus.even sekarang pun still tak boleh -.-

and i dunno how to take the ktm and lrt T.T

Akue Achik said...

i leave at hostel since 13, i also work the next day after i finish my spm..

but run away from house?

hell no.


Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

uishhhh...dasattt sungguh dieeee.sgt beraniiii.nasb tidoq uma pocket kalau tak jadi santapan pocket hari2.wuwuwu =.=

syabab said...

inikah citer yg pocket teringt time SPM? syabab was looking the pain part...xde pon..huhu... eneway i bet she must be at overseas with her beloved one...

p/s: syabab umo 9tahun dah tahu masak nasi goreng n telur gorng... kira independent lah kan?hehe ni pon sbb both of my parent kene kerja so sebelum g sekolah sama ada pg ato ptg i make my own breakfast n lunch...hehe

c'axoera ヅ said...

wondering who is she actually :p

rozeeta rashid said...

depends. sometimes i'm independent. sometimes i'm not. hehe.

dia tak kawin anak dato la. dia tunggu pocket. hehe.

Cha said...

Sad story abt that girl IMA but u made it amusing :D

i think i also independent like you ( ececehhh) since i lived in hostel. selalu kat rumah ada orang gaji mesin but in hostel semuanya buat sendiri.

Paling menyedihkan basuh baju kelas yg menggunung sampai merah tangan semata-mata taknak bagi rm2.50 kat mesin basuh hostel.
erghhhh dem!

missSenget said...

i am not indipendent enough..

manja sangat..

bawak moto x reti..

ada lesen keta pn takat gantung kt leher..

kalo mak nk pi mana-mana lama-lama, dia cukup riso anak dia ni x makan.. =__="

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hehe same like, working as a shoe's seller at jualan gudang about 5 years ago..

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

jom cari dia..hehehhe

saya kurang berdikari...manja lagik..huwawwaa

Fatin Mraz said...

lari rumah? x amik spm.. perempuan some more.. aduiyaii pun..

bahaya juga tindakan independent si ima nih..

Pocket said...

tak tahu la sis,
ilang kontek la plak..

I would say most mother are overprotective, they luv their young too much till they cant fly on their own..
in your case, u can fly on your own.. u just cant naik bas on your own.

cant blame them..
they love u too much to even let a scratch spoiling those delicate beautiful skin of yours.
I know... cause i'd be as much too.

but the downside is...
u'll never have your own adventure.
ever camp with friends only alongside some river anywhere sis?

yes, running away is stupid.
whatever the reason is, its still stupid.

unless running to some relatives house in perlis lah kan.

ayat kamu tak abis ker aper?
...nasb tidoq uma pocket kalau tak jadi santapan pocket hari2...

berkali baca pung tak paham :)

pocket tak la sejahat tu,
nakal jeee...

tak der,
this one is not a painful memory.

wah!! 9tahun dah nasik goreng!
pocket ada anak menakan ni pung gitu.
nak wat camana.. anak orang pekan yang
mak bapak pepagi lagi dah kuar keja.

she's a friend,
whom i cant contact no more.
googling her also difficult.
as i dont have her full name anyway.

pocket lak dok sterik baju kat hallway sampai tengah malam.. bukan pasal baju menggunung. tapi pasal kena buli dek senior.. kul 3 pagi tu baru abis sterika 40 helai baju!! waaahhhh..

sekarang! pocket dah pandai sterika baju. thank you senior for the bully:)

humm.. tak salahkan u,
maybe pas ni kita usaha sikit nak?
i tolong :D

(Iyoooolah nak tolong, camana nak nolong pung tak tahu^^)

jual kasut besh kan,
terasa macam putera mencari sidia yang
fit the glass shoe jer :D heheh

nak carik dia kat mana?
gi mintak rekod pekerja yg keja kat
shopping kompleks tu tahun 1982? pergh!!

Ada beza kot, independent sebab berani,
ngan independent sebab buduh...
tetap pocket rase tindakan lari umah dia tu buduh, tapi kalau tanya dia... that is the only solution for her current problem. nak wat camana kan..

Jue said...

aku mcm prsn ni kali kedua ko pakai nama Ima ke aku slh bc hihi
poor her and hope nth bad happen kat dia
aku pun pnah mlarikan diri dr umah

Hanie Dew said...

Ima tu gadis yang berani.tindakan lari dari rumah ke rumah bukan sedara mmg tak patut.tapi sapa tau apa pilihan yang dia ada kan. sapa yang tau apa masalah yg dia hadapi kan.

pe pun, semoga dia baik baik saja. dan suatu hari kalau pocket jumpe dia, cecite la kat kitorg ni.

una berry said...

I don't think I'm as strong as IMA
I still live with my parents with no job n a child to support
gahhh..should do something about it

I think I'm inspired.thanks :)

dhiera said...

saya rasa saya cukup independent tapi nak lari rumah tinggal dgn strangers memang terus terasa belum cukup independent la kot~

Aemy Shamy said...

wow she's a dude..i mean, it must be hard for her, but she made it right. i hope she's doing great right now. i can never be like her..i even started being independent when i was 18, when i went into college..even now im still living with my family..
but someday i know that im gonna start a new life & live in my own home..huhu..

onie said...

nakkan dia jangan terus berputus asa,cuba mencari barang yang hilang itu adalah sangat auwwwww...sweet gitu...

SimplySeoul said...

woow. ima is a tough girl. she had it hard but she keep going. hope she's somewhere there living at least a better life. i started my independent life when i was 21. haha. quite late. well very late shall i say.

p/s: O_o I just realised that i havent follow U pocket haha. I visit your blog by typing my url bar there. i know, strange way to blogwalk. haha. so sooorry (dragging the words).

zulhilmi tempoyak said...

mohon tlg translate.. heee

Dhiya Fariza said...

I consider myself as dependent enough. No explaination needed on why I thought so but I believe I am.

In regards to ur 3AM comment haha, the point is (reasonwhy I wrote the entry) they accused me directly without even asking. For example, ask first, where did I get the money from, how can I afford it etc. The wild accusation what makes me wrote the entry in the first place. Not by going bluntly saying, "kau kaya boleh belagak ar melancong, budak tak pernah hidup susah"

Seriously? They don't even know my favourite colour how come they can easily say I never been in poor/hard situation?

Dhiya Fariza said...

And bout this girl, we can't easily judged her actions. We don't know what's truly truly going on that makes her ran away from her house.

Just as human being, help someone who in need the best we can, like what u and ur family did :)

millerJ said...

wah. muda2 lagi dah bole survive sendiri? well, i learned to be independent too in young ages. parents busy with bread winning. we done everything by our own.. when I grew up sucessfully real soon, i'll pay what they had sacrificed for me..

btw, be safe and sound young girl.. hopefully u manage to run after your dream :)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

me? independent? mayb a small tiny bit, hehe.. >_<

she ran away from a troubled famly huh? good for her, but I do hope she has found someplace better to stay at, like a shelter home or something. Hope she's doing fine now...

Shafiq said...

As salam.. Hi there Mr. Pocket. :-) I'm more to be delighted to see another male blogger using English.
Your blog is much better than mine, bro. :-)
By the way, nice to meet you.;-)

El-Janna said...

aku pon independent gok. hahhaah..^^

ciK LyndaWawa said...

saya pas spm dok umah je..tak g memane.........

H.S said...
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kajaharuna said...

berbahaya woooo....

ehhh, da lama tak singgah sini :)