Wednesday, February 29, 2012

531. U Jump, I jump

everybody kept on talking about campaign on
things that they believe or things that they
thought it was right. religiously, morally. do not smoke,
mari menabung,
sesudu sudah cukup,
jaga yang lima,

but what do we ever actually did about it?
Is it enough for us to do it ourself?
have u ever go out there and stop your
friend from smoking, buy him the expensive
quitting gum? no i dont think so..
hell i've never did so too.
I guess in a way i'm weak.
I dreamt of a wonderful world,
but I've never worked for it.
ohh.. menaip ini sedangkan kerja kat kilang
tu bertambun tak abih lagi agak menyakitkan
ati.. besok nak OT lah.. kearah pekerja cemerlang.

Enough of the intro, to the point pocket!
heyya pocketteers!!
here I am trying to change the world
one tiny step at a time :D
I am going to do a give away!!!
hoyeah bebeh!!
3 McD vouchers for grab!!

by the end of March,
I am going to donate my blood to a nearby hospital.
I am going to post about it. A wordless maybe,
a lengthy one telling how beautiful the doctor was
and how soft her hands was also OK :D

3 of the earliest comentator in that post
that also did a post about their recent blood donation
will win the McD voucher.
simple kan?

so in that post.. u can comment saying :
'pocket!! aku pung aku pung!!
sila refer post aku bertarikh bla bla bla... '
and if I find that u did donated your blood
in that post recently as u are one of the
three first comentator.
U'll win one piece of the RM10 McD Voucher.

1) Do a blood donation and post about it.
2) Place the campaign banner above in that post.
3) the blood donation must be a recent one.
March'12 punyer okeh!
4) the blood donator does not have to be the 
blog owner, u can seduce your hubby or place 
a knife on your BF's neck making him to do it. 
In case of this, a certain proof is needed for 
the relationship.
Even a friend of yours are also OK.. just dont 
make it a random pakcik  who has no relation 
with u but still u'r taking picture with him 
as a proof to this GA... that is simply keji ok :_D
5) u'll be needing some proof on the blood donation, 
pictures, the small red book with his/her 
name and date :D. Maybe a picture of u 
with him during the blood donation... 
anything that can be countable as proof.
6) Get the small red book will ya, collect the
sticker to become a datok when u've reached
200 donations!! (This is a lie)
7) iklan this campaign in your blog starting 
from now will ya, am hoping that we can reach 
40 blood donor on that day.
8) The winner will be the first 3 blogger that 
comment on my post about my own blood donation 
by late of march. 
(harapnya pocket pun sempat lah nak derma darah kan..)
9) The comment mentioned in no 8, must have 
an accurate description of his/her post about 
his/her blood donation above.
10) Of course, the penganjur have the right to
refuse or change any pembahagian hadiah as he sees fit.
(Dalam bahasa melayunyer.. ikut suka ati lah)
but I am doing this for a purpose,
I will put my best effort to make this happen :D

what else yer pocketeers?
disclaimers? sharat sharat?
do point out yah, this is kinda new for me :)
sorry for the underweight and those with blood disease.
this GiveAway is not for u ^^

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hani said...

memang sungguh tau! tak pernah qualified nak donate darah sebab underweight! sangat teringin nak rasa apa perasaannya..

bagus ini pocket! :)

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

a teaser for GA.. great campaign there pocket.. lookin forward to be the 1st 3..hehe

errr donate.. aku takut jarum!!!! dlu darjah 6 lari time doc nak cucuk bcg

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

menarik dan bagus GA ni.

hmm..nak join, tapi tengok masa dulu, sempat tak donate blood ni, tak pernah donate blood lagi ni.

littledolphin said...


what a good effort pocket! :D

ok now i'm inspired to do something like this too! maybe not a giveaway.maybe only some videos(or is it vlogs,the term people use?)but of course it will need time as i need to brush up my speaking skills first.hahaha

pasal smoking tu,ok terasa. T.T

i mean,in terms of preventing our friend from smoking .dont get me wrong.hahaha

btw thanks for the kind words regarding my video.insyaAllah il'll try to improve and make sure my timing for such gesture is correct next time :)

Liselle MonCherie said...

Wow,a good start to change!
Keep it up! hehe
sadly,I can't donate blood because
of no one would take me! hehe :3

Aemy Shamy said...

waaaa giveaway!!! ^^
i won a giveaway once..i wanna join this...but im not qualified in donating underweight!!!! hhuuuhuuu.... :((

Sarah Mohd Saleh said... underweightttt.mne bole.xaci!xaci

Akue Achik said...

pocket baik hati..suka derma darah..keep it up! :))

sy tau sy takkn mng..sbb sy tak ckup berat..hmmmm..

tahniah pd yg bakal menang........

Fatin Mraz said...

terbaek pocket!


c'axoera ヅ said...

dun jump 1st lahhhh.....wait for me hehehe

Pocket said...

tak per, pocket revise kan syarat nyer nanti yer :D

bagus yek? harapnya ada sambutan.
susah woooo!!

kena atasi perasaan takut tu!
untuk free double cheese burger,
usaha sikit bro!

ada sebulan,
sila cari masa okeh :D
dah la muda belia lagi :D

pocket terhibur ngan Vlog kamu sis,
terasa macam buleh mengenali kamu ngan lebih rapat pung ada :D
huhuuuuu ayaaaaattt!!

anyway kalau mampu join this GA,
sila lah join..
i'd rather give my ten ringgit
to people i've known.

No one would take u?
ohh then tell me where do u live sis,
i'll go and pick u up :D
(Iyoooolah kan pocket..
nak gi keja pung dok kayuh gerek)

tak per sis,
ask IFO to do it for u,
i'm changing the terms and condition :D

Aci! Aci!
sila suruh 'abang' kamu yg derma,
tp yg makan McD nyer kamu :D

tak la baik hati sangat,
biasa biasa jeerr :D

kamu bagaimana?


lets jump together..
1... 2.... threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dee said...

wah..hebatnya..kena derma darah semata2 nak voucher RM10 MCD..tapi for a good course..i support i xleh derma darah..hehehe..

Pocket said...

tak KakDee,
bukan kena derma darah nak dapatkan voucher McD.. apaa lah sangat McD tu, kalau tonyRoma ker.. flight ticket ker bali ker... memang berduyun duyun lah orang pulun.
just satu kickstart utk yg tak pernah try lagi..
n satu encouragement utk yang dah selalu..

satu usaha pocket utk adik adik talasemia <- eh betul ker heja ni?

Jue said...

errrrrrrrr mcm zuan
aku takut jarum
ni Hanie ppt dapat hahaha

rozeeta rashid said...

tak pernah derma darah. teringin tapi takut! haha.

Dhiya Fariza said...


anamizu kaito said...

wahh pocket menarik ni!
lama x singgah lawat pocket..
dis is smting new..
nk kena join nti ni :)

cik ana

Hanie Dew said...

ala..tahun lepas punya bole tak. tahun ni tak cukup bulan lagi nak donate!