Tuesday, February 07, 2012

520. Twailait.. TheBrekingDon

its been 4 days of silence,
i was on leave.
No.. i was not on leave from my work,
but i was on leave from blogging.
Ohh the pain...

So last night i watched this movie, its an
old movie.. some of u did the review of
this movie earlier.. now its my turn. Yes
its kinda old already but what can i say.
i have to wait for the DVD to be 'Master Copy'
first before purchasing it for RM5..

No no! no synopsis in my review.
just a few comments here and there from
a sick perspective of the pocket.

1) I dont get it why bella luved cullen so much,
he's immortal. u'll have to love him a thousand
years and a thousand more once u've decided
to be with him. And as we all know..
Mortal men and women cant even survive
30years of marriage and u still wanna commit
a thousand years? Ohh.. sakit.

2) i dont get it why bella luved
cullen so much, he's pale with
make up! ohh i forgot.. its the
K Pop craze where ladies fall
for men with red cheeks and
plucked eyebrows.
Look at the wolf instead,
he' colorful! when i'm saying
colorful here i'm referring to
his healthy skin with
'melanin'full epidermis.

And do not forget those far tougher bods to grop on!!
pergh!! hear me singing beyonce's song...
'If I was a girl!! even just for a day...
i'd roll out of bed in the morning,
kiss his photo by the door and then go..'

Plus!!! U can do doggy style in both forms!!
Human or Lycan
(Budak bawah lapan belas sila jangan baca dua
kali untuk memahami ayat terakhir tu!!)

3) Watching the movie made me realize
my responsibility as a concern citizen.
It is crucial for us human to donate blood.
if we're not donating, then what will
the vampies be feeding themselves on?
If they dont receive any donation, then who will
suffer? us human of course.. cause they have to
hunt the usual way once again..
so i have done my duties earlier this year.
Mentioned it in this post : 494. Kahwin Tahun Ni Jom!
when will u?
(Make sure u go ok, we're in great danger if we're not)

4) Watched the movie with my thumb on the FastForward
button.. Ohh how on earth did u guys watched it in cineplex
where u cant fast forward the whole talking scene.. adehlaa

5) The wedding was nice, Bella's baju was nice, cant understand
the alaskan connection though but that is ok, its not that important

So there u go pocketeers,
I got like another 3 points to say here but
i have to stop... a few of u are not 21 and above yet.
So go out and buy the DVD okeh. Would definitely
go nice on that 42inch LED TV of yours :D


Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

that movie is total boring, but i have to watch it coz u have watch the previous 3 movies..haha

Pocket said...

...hence the thumb was on the FAST FORWARD button on the remote.

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

hahahah..tengok sambil fast forward.
aku tak pernah dengan twailait ni..tak terasa pun nak tengok.

Pocket said...

Sila tengok..
good blood donation campaign :D

Dhiya Fariza said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaha i cant stop laughing. pocket pocket.

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

Oh pocket.. bolat dah ats 18.. bolehkan ? bolehkan ?

Liselle MonCherie said...

The slowest movies...mmg betul2 Breaking the dawn habis XD

Akue Achik said...

sy mmg xska twilight...crita2 yg ada sequel ni boring2 kot..

exception for resident evil..hehe

littledolphin said...

of all movies,why you WATCH twilight?-.-

i dont like bella,cullen or the wolf thingy.i dont like them all.i only like alice and little jane.I WISH I CAN BE LITTLE JANE.BAHAHAHAHA.

err i knew whats the last line mean since i was twelve.lolololololololol

i'm serious.dead serious.

zonaku said...

agree to all your comments.....


i'm looking forward for the finale. i finished reading the books, and still wanna watch. i like edward's eyes..

emy|farid said...

im in love with edward. even jacob kalerful or alive, dia tu kuat ngamok. tak suka!

HEMY said...

aku tk tgok lagi latest movie utk serie ni..huhu

dhiera said...

saya tak tengok lagi

syabab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
syabab said...

xtgk lagi nk beli buku dia tp mahal giler wish that the 7 dolar us was same with rm7....hahaha
p/s:pocket actually is about someone make the wrong desicion about her choice n want to gain people support... in this case syabab ase pink nk ckp accept others the way they r...hehe

Hanie Dew said...

i like edward but i like jacob more. the cullen vampire style can't be better than another vampire love story, The Vampire Diaries. owwhh they aren't pale, they r hot!! the heroin was freakin' sexy.

Anonymous said...

pocket. sorry da lame tak singgah blog due to kesihatan tidak mengizinkan.,hik.

u know what? i like jacob. mase tgk twilight yg ni dian frust sikit. why bella love cullen? jacob lagi encem.hahaha. cullen cm lifeless. tak puas hati. kenape die pilih cullen? grrr.