Saturday, February 18, 2012

526. Monkey

Pocketeers going to bukit bendera with the housemates,
seems like none of them ever gone to bukit bendera
yet? ohh.. i tot they're 'orang penang'?
their kad pengenalan did say they're born in penang.
ohh this is just like me who never goes up that
tower in alorsetar yet lah kot.. humm humm

Once i did told u guys about the monkey theory.
when we're working in the kilang, or in the office..
and even in the pelantar minyak...
we are given tasks,
'siapkan report ni!'
'kotak kat belakang tu susun tak lagi?'
'horlick dah abih, order lagi 4 carton'
now these instruction can be from the supervisor
or from yourself. as i know all of u are a good
and self initiative worker.
(Iyooo lah!! tak ketuk tak gerak gak pahat nii)

whenever this 'instruction' were given to us,
it's just like a small handphone size monkey
conjured out of the thin air lurking around.
this monkey when they're young... they'll be as
cute as any monkey u see out there. But if they've
become adult.. they'll start to bug u.
'oooiiihhh.. report bila nak siap?'
'kotak tu tau susuk lagi keeeee!!?'
'horlick! horlick! horlick!'
and eventually its not the monkey that is bugging u,
its the superior saying.. 'u are stupid la pocket,
i've given u a report last two weeks and till today,
its not on my desk yet!! what year were u born?
tahun lembu?'

so u got to solve the monkey.
give it to someone else is a great thing to do,
if u can... tell those bangla to susun the kotak for u,
or give the report to the clerk and pay her RM40
to finish it up for u... anything to keep the monkey
off your back.
Cause u know what? an adult monkey will
be ruining your private life, hurting your wife
and leaving their poo in your little baby's cradle.
... (masaalah keja terbawak bawak balik umah.. get it?)

ok that was the previous story...
i've notice lately that stories from your past experience
and secrets that u keep inside of u are also like monkey,
they're more like demons though... rattling your rib-cage trying
to get out. the need to spill it out to someone is tormenting.
and will the demon eat u up inside?
i guess it will... and u'll end up broken with hollow heart.
that is why we need a partner that can keep our secret i guess.
someone who can hear our story but never let it out running
in the wild.

That is why we blog i guess....
to tell stories from deep within.
To ajnabi who our secret are safe with.


SimplySeoul said...

Salam and hai. Sorry for not having my regular visit to your blog. Anyway those monkey exist in every workplace. I remember those monkey pilling up orders, works for me. And i agree with you, we need to solve them in any way possible. elak them. if i see those monkey heading the same way, i change my route. avoid like literally. haha.

littledolphin said...

sama macam saya yang tak pernah pergi I-City walaupun orang shah alam >.<

ok tersentap lagi sekali.

i feel I AM THE MONKEY . T.T

ok about the secret thingy i have no one to tell to.nak letak kat public blog pun bahaya kot.dah la the url has my name in it.but i dun want to change my url. sooo sometimes they are left unwritten.

Akue Achik said...

this kind of monkey exists everywhere..but i wont call my supervisor a monkey coz she is a very nice lady..:) hehe

Aemy Shamy said...

wow, monkey theory huh, what a cool metaphor! yeah i have that monkey, or maybe i am the monkey :p
well, i blog just to share my experience, stories..because sometimes i want to be heard, i want the world to know that i'm exist..since i dont have great talents like singing or dancing, i think blog is the perfect place. hehe..

Pocket said...

tak per tak per,
heheh.. elak them kan..
yeah i know.. i'm doing the same technics too:D

that is the problem when we're putting our real name in our blog.
like me, i'm putting my official yahoo mails as the sign-in name.
kena buat blog baru kot :D

i'm not saying that i refer my supervisor as monkey...
whenever we're trusted with a work,
that is when 'a monkey' is exist out of nowhere...
and this monkey that will bug us and our family :D
a bit of a misconception there sis :D

yes we want to be heard,
we want to tell our story,
and we want people to react to it
like it matters...
but not all story are of human
ears to listen no? Like those hush hush nottiness dat we did when we're form 4...

cant tell our mother that can we?:D

littledolphin said...

actually,i have another blog in an another account.tapi tak berupdate.cos dah sayang sangat dengan blog yang sekarang ni.rasa macam curang dengan blog pun ada. =.="

Liselle MonCherie said...

Huhu,menjadi kebiasaan untuk locals yg tak pernah pergi tmpt2 yg menarik di tempat sendrik <---pergi museum textile pun tak walaupun org kl dlu XDD

rozeeta rashid said...

tunggu!! nak ikut pergi bukit bendera!! hehe.

luckily i have friends that can be trusted. boleh cerita secrets. =)

Pocket said...

me too,
i have a secret blog too.
but inside there, the story
is far too 'uncivilized' to even
be put into writings.
hence i'm keeping it a secret.
to the extend of whenever i'm updating it, i'll be going to the public CyberCafe.. huhuuu!!

kan, meh kita tanya orang johor tengok, penah gi singapore tak? heheheh:)

moh ler,
lenkali pocket bagi notification awal sikit.
n kita buat buat terjumpa kat sana okeh :D heheheh

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

pocket a bit naughty paggil org atsn die mongkeyyy..hhehehe.bese ler,klu da nme pon atasan so blagak die mcm bapak die punye tmpat lerr.=.=

Pocket said...

tak tak!!
am not referring my superior as monkey, as what i've wrote...

...whenever this 'instruction' were given to us, it's just like a small handphone size monkey
conjured out of the thin air lurking around...

the instruction or obligation turned into a metaphorical monkey.

ohh i never dare to call my boss a monkey, tak naik gaji tu sis!! :D

Dhiya Fariza said...

i have no particular comment on this. (nod and agree)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

so, who's ur biggest monkey, pocket?

well, monkey can be a gorilla...or a godzilla...but have u noticed that this is the era of technology? memories can be kept into wafer-size table called samsung tab or ipad?

just keep the picture of the disturbing monkey. u don't need the animal much for a ipad of ur heart:)

Hanie Dew said...

aku tak fikir banyak sangat pasal bende macam ni. biasa aku akan bayangkan balik bende tu jadi lawak. dan aku selalu berangan, kalau la aku pandai lukis katun. mesti bole dijilidkan bende yg menyakitkan hati jadi bende kelakar.