Sunday, February 26, 2012

529. Cheese Cake

Its been a while, I have been busy.
The last few days was tormenting.
I go out in the morning to battle the
days work and going home after
winning or losing some fights of the day.
Sleep on the floor to wake up tomorrow
aching all over. Ohh housemates..
Roll this sack of meat to a piece of tilam
will ya.
Even a sejadah will do.
If it happens that I was not to wake up
the next morning, atleast people would say
that i died in my solat.

So how are u pocketeers?
Posting a lot lately? Blogwalking more and more?
Yes i have been commenting here and there
in your post. Ohh commenting with reading
would only take me 10-15 minutes.. i have
plenty of those. Waiting for Mr Big to finish
his meeting would give me 2 sessions of those
Commenting without reading?
Hell that would take a mere 24 seconds!!
'Like the picture, take it yourself?'
'i luve cheese cake too'
'salam lalu! datang blog i nanti yer'

so here is a short opening post after my long 'absence'
i'll post a few more good story tomorrow ya...
Hopefully i have the time :D

Another 3 to 4 days to end February,
Gaji gaji where are u gaji.. :D


H.S said...

no wonder lama dah tak update.

i didnt post much.i dont know why but somehow i feel like abandoning my blog.haha

the first two examples for commenting without reading tu ok lah lagi.but the last one is seriously disappointing.

H.S said...

i'm hana btw.

p/s lupa nak cakap

hani said...

ye.. gaji gaji, where are you gaji??? huhu..

selamat datang balik pocket :)

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

huhu i'm totally MIA from bw yestrday.. today,i wish to take a rest, but i could coz i wanna read blog updates.. hehe

Aemy Shamy said...

thought im the only 1 who keeps MIA lately..hehe..
what happen to your bed..? sleeping on the floor isn't good for back bone..u know a sleeping posture would affect our mood for the whole day, do u?
just an advice..go get a sleeping bag..hehe..
well i've been always tired many things to be done before internship. huhu..
yeah im waiting for my parents' gaji too :p hehehe

Akue Achik said...

kesian pocket...huhuuhu

bizi bkerja xpa.. :))
sy byk esaimen, tp x bz..hoho..fhm2 lakn..^^

Shafiq said...

It's okay bro.. :-)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

okay,bolat rindu.. (^^,) rindu x? eherherher..

tak bace terus komen? err.. xikhlas betol.. -_-

Bashtiah said...

Ceh. I thought you're really writing about cheese cake. Hahah...

Anyway, I love your first paragraph. Really got me laughing, especially the first line.

Dhiya Fariza said...

okies, will wait for ur next entry :)

lieya orange M.I. said...

take a good rest pocket:)
nnt sakit...

tajuk cheese cake?? nggrrrr
last2 komen cuka cheese cake jer yg ado hahaaa

HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

Cheese Cake....yummy....dulu dulu xsuka, sebab masam....skang dah suka plak...hehehe...

dhiera said...

tahu tak pe. lama pocket tak update ni~ sekali update memang bermakna sungguh~

Fatin Mraz said...

same here~

EZAN IDMA said...

aww bz yee. dpt gaji belanja ye! hakhak

Jue said...

ooo pttla! besa la tu beb
aku phm ko rs
rindu camne pun ngan blogging, still kna utamakan yg mn ptg dulu =)
take care
#kitaorg dah gaji!hahahaha

SimplySeoul said...

i'm always missing. but i dont have the heart to quit. no matter how addictive twitter or other online profiles. and about the comment, there's a lot of visiting type. but it's ok, maybe they are in a rush kan, who knows. haha, suddenly bersangka baik. take care always :). spend wisely mr.pocket :)

rozeeta rashid said...

nevermind. life first, blogging later. who ask u to sleep on the floor. kan dah sakit2 badan. haha.

i've been very lazy lately. but not too lazy to just comment saya suka cheese cake! haha.

eh berapa kali haha daa.

Hanie Dew said...

hai hai pocket. aku pun baru muncul. asal nak bw je bos panggil asal nak bloghaton je bos bagi task. ppftt..

ok. tido atas sejadah tu buat org bagi persepsi baik gitu kan. hahaha

ok.the example komen tanpa baca tu bole buat kita mengabaikan buat kunjungan balas kan.