Tuesday, February 14, 2012

534. Obey? Obedient? eh?

how far do u obey your woman?
(Ohh.. i forgot.. i got only but a few guys reader..
so this question will not be entertain that much.)

Ok then lets me make it more general.

How far do u obey your GF/BF?
...well i'm not sure..
none of my GF or BF (?? Huhu)
ever asked me to do major stuff
or restrict me from doing anything big.
Like quit smoking.. i dont smoke.
quit porn.. heheheh, iyoooo lah tu
Migrate from the deep jungle where
everything is free to the modern town
where money is needed even if u wanna poo.
No.. Never..
so i wont know!
care to answer this pocketeers?
What are the major things u did for him/her?

How far do u obey your mother?
... Ohh this is a trick question right?
anyone who want to comment,
would think about people's perceptions
of his/her answer. If u say..
'not to the cost of my happiness'
then what will others feel about that sentences?
its like u will not obey your mother if she
is asking u to stop singing and u'll be sad
the rest of your life.
Ohh.. if u are a good singer like mariah carey
or something, will u stop just because your
mother says so?
becoming a clerk in some Government Agricultural
office will make u happy?
I'm sure the pay will not.
So does the people around u :D
So i dont know!
Care to answer this pocketeers?
Following your mother's decision lately?

How far do u obey your self?
This I know the answer..
'Oh do not eat that nasik! 
we're on our 12th day of no nasik!! 
if u eat it .. we're back to square one!!'
heheheh that was me restraining myself.
what do u think happen after that?

'She is Farid's GF, i cant go ahead and talk to her, 
yeah.. i know she's all alone here right now, 
Farid went back already, he wont know but ... 
but i cant! farid is a good friend, and we're buddies.. 
law of buddies state that we cant make a move on 
buddies GF.. but she's crying!! I have to approach her.. 
as friends.. yes.. as friends i have to be the shoulder to cry on..'
end of monologueing inside your heart and ..
'err.. hai IMA.. u nangis ker? kenapa nii?'

Habih daaaahhhhh

So pocketeers?
How far do u obey your GF/BF?
Your Mother?
Your Boss?
Your Cat?...

I know damn well that 

u wont follow signs:D


CekbOlat-bOlat said...

obses shopping boleh? Oh.. hihi..

about IMA.. mcm mkn mkan kwn je.. drama melayu? hahaha

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

i dont have gf.. can i skip this one? hehehe

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hehe well about mother/father how i obey them is by studying.. after diploma i wanna start working actually, but because they wanna see their son get a degree so they can proudly tell everyone i guess, so i study..haha but study is good actually, right?

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

kdg tpkse obey pd bf,walaupn dlm ati memvavi kan beliau.hahaha

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

obey with my future husband!

zonaku said...

obey Allah?

syabab said...

suka questionaire zonaku...hehe
syabab nk jwb cm zuan (skip part gf sbb xde)
ehmmm berdarah muda ni kuat sgt penentangn...err jawab soklan x?hihiih

Aemy Shamy said...

i dont really obey my bf, because im quite stubborn...thats why we always fight..just always, not every day :p hehehe...

i obey my mother..most times. because sometimes i just cant go on her way..

& im not sure if i obey myself...i think i have to meditate to answer that :p

Akue Achik said...

sy xda bf..selamat..:)

ok, honestly, dlu sy tak obey sgt ngan ckp mak..huhuhu..sy jnis yg ikut hati dan kmudian mnyesal kmudian hari..

Alhamdulillah, God still shows me that there is nobody closed to you but your mother..

kalau sbg kwn je, pujuk la..mnataw taw Ima tu btul2 plukan ssorg utk tmpt luahkn prasaan..huhuhu

Bitt (double IS) said...


dulu masa muda saya bukan seorg yg taat sangattt...tapi pengalaman mengajar...it's a successful key to become beloved wifey :)

Dhiya Fariza said...

i cant answer this with an exact answer. but whatever i do whether i obey or not, buat ibu, tanak sehingga menhjadi anak derhaka, tuk kekasih tidak sampai ketahap mencurangi, tuk diri sendiri tidak sampai tahap merosakkan diri. i put limit to myself in every person i should obey to.

Dee said...

i follow my boss pya instruction yg betul je..yg tak betul i ignore je...hahaha..my mother..well ramai anak2 tau dah kot jawapannya..my bf? sorry..no..no..no..my husband? yes, tapi kalau tak suka..i voice it out..hehehe..certain things bolehlah obey..certain things..tak perlu kot..

Pocket said...

tu obses lah!!
bukan obey!

skip the GF,
so u do follow your father mother to the extend of going on for further study!
ok.. that is good!
its for your own good anyway..
father knows best :D

hahahah, ayat kamu memang besh :D

future husband tu reliable enough ker? (Heheh lagi nak bagi persoalan)

Obey Allah?
do u really wanna discuss that?
cause statistically, ladies who are not covering their aurat is way more then those who are..
and men? we hurt our self with smoke, 20% of men here in the urban area never puasa even a day of his life.. and not to forget.. semayang subuh!

Salam between muslim pun kita dah jarang :D
darah muda yer,,
pocket sekarang ni dah darah tua,
tp still nak penentangan tu.
penentangan sihat kata orang tua.

Thanks for the honest answer..
yes we follow..
but not always.
its not that we're not obeying is like saying we're not respecting.
but we have our own thought to put into consideration.

bila menyesal tu,
mula la terasa nak ikuuuut jer cakap mak kan, then bila mak tak bagi itu ini..
start lah balik penentangan itu.
hehehe.. macam pocket zaman muda muda dulu jer.

kalau isteri tu sikit sikit nak menentang jer keje.. memang susah nak disayangi laki.

tapi tak menentang langsung pun tak ceria.. sesekali melawan melawan manja gitu besh woo!!
'tak nak laaa.. tak nak laaa.. ok! tapi u kena kejar i dulu'
gitu gitu .. hahahahahah
(Kemana dah otak pocket gi!)

tengok ayat ayat tu,
macam u'r putting limit on to 'not-obeying' your Mother, your BF or yourself.

hummm new one sis...

Pocket said...

tang part boss kalau tak betul tu ignore jer dulu tu, besh :D

tapi sis, bagi boss...
instruction dia tu betul sangat dah!

lieya orange M.I. said...

dulu muda2(zaman sekolah, skunk still muda zaman lain pulak :p) lieya nakal n jahat kut hehehe
but now, ape2 decision, nak keluar pun, mesti bgtahu ibu...
if ibu say no, thats final..


kalau pasal bf, lieya akan pujuk ibu until ibu say yes..tp depends laa..kalo tak bagi tu, tak jugak..

so, pendapat pocket kan, am i obey to my mum??

p/s lieya tahu bnyk lg lieya perlu perbaiki diri ni :(

dhiera said...

terasa diri bukan jenis patuh pada arahan tunang sendiri~ errr.. larik

Daddylicious said...

lelaki tetap lelaki...hehe

.diannorhayati. said...


bf?not really.

parents?not really.

myself? not really.

cat? i dont had any cat sadly :P

hehe. i disobey most of a time,im quite stubborn,hihi. but at a same time i follow what they say for my own sake :)

as im gettin 22,i have my own money, feel like macam da godang :P tp still control myself,sbb dah tau mane baik dan buruk.

selalu disobey kalo parent or bf ckp something pasal health such as makan ubat. ha yg tu mmg tak penah dgar la :P haha

littledolphin said...

i disobey my mum a lot.

like a lot.

xila riston said...

im looking for my future husband,
any here???

Jue said...

i try hard to obey HIM =)not bcoz I have to..but because I want it
the rest follow later ^^

rozeeta rashid said...

dengan mak sometimes ada jugak benda yang x agree. tapi pandai2 la nak settle.

dengan diri sendiri? well i'm my own worst enemy. haha.

ciK LyndaWawa said...

erm...if lum sah...tak yah nak obey sangat.....kan..kan..kan...

Dhiya Fariza said...

what i meant was, i shall obey as possible as i can. that when i actually CANT, i shall not cross over the limit i put.

Hanie Dew said...

taat pada ibu bapa,buat mereka bangga dan bahagia.taat pada boss, tunjukkan kebolehan sebenar, bukan hanya menurut arahan membabi buta. taat pada Dia, masih berusaha untuk membuatkan perintah-Nya yang utama itu sebagai keperluan selain kewajipan.