Monday, February 13, 2012

523. Stokin...

... as if the english word 'Stalking'

What do u do when u knew someone by her/his full name?
U google her/him up of course!!

so the other day i was to know that i will be meeting this
lady by this name 'IMA', of course by me writing her name
as IMA, most of u would understand it already that any
lady name here in ToMyPocket is written as IMA.
Its like a common name in my story already.
Just like FARID!! :D

I was suppose to meet her and do a few discussions
on a few document and a few picture for the report.
Her boss assigned her to do the job and thus her name
was sent to my handphone with an instruction that i have
to book for her hotel in JB too.
Ok.. so full name and HP no!
wah!! what more do u need?

So i've googled her up,
found her FB Page first and
a few info later. (Scary kan FB nii)
Saw her pic going places, her profile pic
and a few others.. i have to say that she
turned out to be an interesting girl to know to,
considering her background and work exp.

So i kept her pic in my memory bank somewhere upstairs.
Went on with my visit to ShahAlam and met her in person
at her company. I was shocked upon meeting her, the pic
that i kept in my biological-memory-card doesnt do her
any justice, as she is far more beautiful in person.
And not only me who became interested in her appearance,
even the gay guy I was going about with also told me so.
so 2 plus points to her.

She is a small frame lady with tudung neatly tucked and pinned.
Am loving her voice so much as it was not like those gedik ladies
that I use to meet, 'Hai!! namer sayer IMA!!' with the tone too high
it would break any glass nearby. If u say nora danish's voice was
like the fiddle (In her happy days), and lisa surihani's was like the
guitar kapok...
Hers was more like a double bass guitar plucked on the lower E string..
Dumm dummmmmmmm.. Gitu gitu.

She wore a long sleeve small t shirt that was so tight,
i dont think anything can crawl underneath anymore.
but its not those sexy body revealing tights u know,
the fabric was somewhat thicker.

I kinda wondered though why is it her abs looked so slim?
Oh she had the other portion look bigger hence her abs become
more and more slim... good comparison techniques :D
(Baca dua kali okeh!! baca dua kali!!)

When I got the chance of talking to her with the guards down,
A slipped of my tongue let out this silly statement.
'u nampak kecik banding ngan gambar u'
'gambar i?'
and here is the point where i have to tell her that i've googled her.
she looked annoyed with that.. i somehow able to taichi the whole
conversation on other topic then after, but it bug me as well..

Yes we are free to google people up,
but we dont have to tell them we did.
ohh.. even better if we did not!
cause i guess..
being known before the formal introduction
is a bit frustrating right?
What about u pocketeers?
what if IMA was u?

....or happy that someone
actually took interest into
u that he looked u up the
net to know u?
Pocketeers? revenge of what i did, 
she might as well 
be reading this, 
google me up
landing herself here.
To Ima in reading,
I am sorry if googling
U up offended u in any way. 
jangan marah ya . 
i got nothing but 
love for u okeh...
nothing but love... 


Liselle MonCherie said...

Well,when people start using social networks...they shouldn't blame us for stalking. Part of the network XD.
Google is for All!
Erm,looks like you're a person that likes to study people before meeting them.Job well done? heee

When there's Lemon,There's Lime
Get it? XD

Akue Achik said...

wahahahaaa....pocket..kedapatan!! kantoi in ur language)

ima pon knp kc public dia pnya profile..huhuhu

syabab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
syabab said...

dh bce byk kali yg sal abs uh..hehe

if im her i will feel threaten..i will felt like someone obses about me n i will feel so scared... but its her mistake for putting her full name in fb...hehe.. but there are cases that your name can be known in google.. like me,my name was put it under MARA's loan... -.-"" wat a good background to knoe about me... hahaha

littledolphin said...

"Am loving her voice so much as it was not like those gedik ladies
that I use to meet, 'Hai!! namer sayer IMA!!' with the tone too high
it would break any glass nearby"

sentap dowh. T.T Fyi,i'm one of gedik girl whose tone is so high that could break any glass nearby. T______________T

for your question,my answer is terharuuuu kot kalau ada orang google my name.well as long as the person has no bad intention la kan?haha


J.Syazwana said...

beselah tuh google cari orang.

kalau dengar suara wana ni mesti cakap suara wana macam katun.

p/s : tu gambar lama. tapi saya perasan jugak takde lah kurus mana. berat pon 53kg. okey lah kan kan kan. ape tah kurus yang kakak saya maksudkan tuh. huhu

una berry said...

I don't use my real actual name for my fb profile and I keep it private.
sheesh, that can be scary

Syazwan Che Deraman said...


sengih sengih aku baca entry ni..

harap harap nanti kau ada chance lagi jumpa dengan IMA tu ye ;)

and harap harap, dia baca entry ni.


Anum said...

wow bestnya

dhiera said...

erk.... speechless kot. takut jugak kalau kena stalk ni.

kenapa la pocket bagitahu dia yang pocket google pasal dia. tapi saya ada juga kawan yang suka stalk fb saya klo dia boring~ ermm

Jue said...

hahaha aku pun slalu google org yg aku tak pasti..i mean like that one is more to my own safety lan kan
as example..i google about since x byk i know about u..i go "googling" aka geledah ur old entry hahaha

sbb kan there's one u said u sanggup let go itu nc lemak bcoz of me..i was like "auw so romantic" tp 2nd thought dtg "it creep me out" haha

ok enuf with pgakuan brani mati neh haha well, I just want to assure ko ni xde background scary wuahahahahaha ok, enuff. aku err ttaip lbh lak haha

Bashtiah said...

Hahahah... Busted!
Well if I am IMA, I'd be a little bit intimidated... Heh. But thinking it over, you're not to blame anyway.

There's this thing called privacy, rite. And we can always secure things up on the net. And speaking of this, I'm actually thinking of changing my blog name. To make it more private. Hahah...

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hahaha how come la pocket bleh tercakap mcm tu? huhu be more careful nextime dude.. hehe

i wanna hear this IMA's voice!!!!

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

whoaaa dasat pockett google some1 sgt bhye bile seseorg stat searching using google,lucky,u nih bkn bad guy search n nak culik ke ape.u seorg yg suke erhatikan org eaa.smpai ke abs pon u bole buat comparison...hehe

Aemy Shamy said...

eh i thought u're going on a blind date..hehe. honestly i'd feel threatened if u said that u've seen my picture somewhere before meeting's like you're stalking..hehe.. :p
i wish u could post a picture of u 2.. ;)

Fatin Mraz said...

kantoi pocket...hahaa.. so pe pocket jwb?

nway.. leh jer kalo x nak org stalk kat FB..set jer unsearchable...

echaRierie said... pun mcm tue jgk pndai stalk fb org..
tp not totally like u pocket..haha..

ima terharu kot baca entri ni..hihi

Juliet_iRa~" said...


pocket terkantoi..heee...

siap i have nothing only love..jatuh cinta la ni..;p

zonaku said...

u should've just let her know that you googled her just to be prepared before meeting her. otherwise, she'll be offended.

i know, coz i do.

but that applies if only you are sincere. otherwise, demyuh!


Mutiara Bernilai said...

oh. pernah hadapi stuasi ini berkali2..

at first agak marah jugak,
tp lama2 ok je,,


sy pun akan buat mcm tu..aha~!

bukan stalking untuk niat buruk, just nak prepare n at least utk tahu sikit2 pasal dia.. :P

HEMY said...

huhu....bole plak terlepas psl gmbr daaaa...hahahahaha

ada jodoh x ke mn..ima google msuk cni maybe a start of a luv story?ekekeke

Jue said...

amboi ko nye komen kat latest entry hahaha

Mya said...

okay fb memang quite scary pun heee

Dhiya Fariza said...

if i were ima, i rasa pocket ni stalker. thus scary.

Dhiya Fariza said...

if i were ima, i rasa pocket ni stalker. thus scary.

Anonymous said...


annoyed la of course :p

tp bangge ade jugak nk google pasal i taw :p

kikiki. joking.

rozeeta rashid said...

haha. stalking is normal. just don't tell that person lah. kalau terlepas cakap macam pocket tu, that would be really awkward.