Friday, November 05, 2010

322. Firwan the Wanderer

in my stories i often use names as actual person name.
they're merely character just to make my story more lively.

Farid: a common name for a man, any man..
Ima : a common name for a lady, any lady...
Pocket : well the writer of course...
Mr G : pocket's direct supervisor...
Mr Big: pocket's big boss...

so today i'm going to introduce u to another character.
hopefully he will be just as interesting as others.

His name is firwan. Now now..
u know that this name is not even existed right?
i just made it up.. his real name is short and less
fancy name.. a more malay name, like dollah, samad or ali.

So Firwan is a guy who wanders alot. he think too much.
i dont think he took science or mathematics in his SPM
because he is more to sastera... the guy who are good with words.
he doesnt speak like all of us, u know...
when i wanna say 'your idea most likely is not appropriate wit the girls'
i'll say it like this 'idea hang tak sesuai ngan depa kooot'
but Firwan will say it like this ...
'aku rasa cadangan hang tu berkemungkinan besar
tidak selari dengan pandangan para gadis sekalian'

long and winding with imbuhan here and there,
sound like your Bahasa Melayu teacher spoke
when he's trying to make a point.

Cutting the story short ...
today Firwan made a sound...
'Gadis tu bagaikan hiasan utama siTuan rumah,
Membelinya senang, menjaganya yang susah,
dan akhirnya terabai dan berhabuk, jatuh dan pecah,
untuk diganti baru siTuan Rumah...'

oi oi!! bukan senang nak ganti baru ooiii...
nak melepaskan 'hiasan' tu banyak procedure woooo!!

happy holiday everyone...
i'm stuck at cleaning :(

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Anonymous said...

speechless~ kimsalam dia.
mmg kasi pikiaq byk la.. huhu