Sunday, November 28, 2010

331. Enjoy your hard work.

Went to Jusco nearby my house today,
sitting on the bench in front of the stairs near CikenRaisShop.
trying to make up my mind to buy the swiss knife or not..
untill i have come to realize something.

Anda yang selim melim, lagi body pyon pyon diluar sana.
you have worked hard sculpting that body,
so be proud of your victory, show em out. brag on!!
you deserve it.

Expose those gebu skin like a gold medal,
let others envy your waist line.
cause believe me, u are an idol in your own way.
a winner among us who lost.
an eye washer for me :D hehehh.. (Cuci Mata)

Kira win win situation appaa..
anda sedang membangga,
pocket menjadi penonton nya.
dah tu nak bangga kehapahnya
kalau tak der penonton kan?


Ayaq said...

hahaha body pyon pyon tte!

Pocket said...

yer la ayaq,
body pyon pyon tu macam bunyi yg kita buleh expect kalau body tu bergetar.

angin lalu terasa macam melantun tiap kali berlanggar ngan curve kat body tu.
n bunyi nyer pasti 'Pyon!pyon!'

kalau pocket basically bunyi nyer jadi..

n bendul akan jadi...

heheheh... entah hapa punya description kan.

Kekanak Osaka said...

pyon pyon yade!

pocket oo pocket..baik pegi tachiyomi. dapat skit ilmu.

ps - nama kawan ayaq ngan saya sorang tu pyon. hehe

Ayaq said...

hahahahhahah! let's see what bendul has to say about his body description.

oh i miss akak pyon and her binchot.

[S]itie [B]Um [B]Um said...

eh betul la!! Now i can view it in a better perspective. hahaha!!!

bendul said...

me is 'siuuuu.. kachi! kachi! kachi!'..?

sound like the wind come to hit me body but actually never hit nothing..!? huh..!

welll.. i also never figured out what is the best 擬音語 (onomatopoeia) for me..

kachi kachi won't do, but gachi gachi will... :) will show you some if you want.. hheheh..

so, ayaq n kazet plak camner..? how to describe you all..?

Cik Cahaya said...