Monday, November 08, 2010

324. Notti within the rules

Firwan concluded that
'Sexy is a term to describe something
that let your mind wander erotically

about the subject.'

anyway... by the definition 'let your mind wander'
puts everything related to the intercourse of two
homosepian during mating is sexy..
The tools required, the lighting, the process,
the colour, the sound, the surface, the movement.
Well i dont have to elaborate more..
its not the main point anyway

Muslimah supposedly wear something that does
not show the skin. But focusing only on this aspect,
people become creative.. and ladies out there is
becoming sexy not by showing their skin, but by
letting the observer's mind wander about them.

If that area there is as nice,
I wonder how is the other area?
If 2cm of her hips skin is puteh melepak like dat,
then how is the other area that is also blocked from
UV Rays?

Baju Kurung lately is becoming sexy.
The kancing near the tulang selangka area?
they are opening it biiiigg lately.. letting us see a bit
of an opening and we men would start to wonder
how would the view look like from up there or can
we see more from this angle?
(Cropping the scene like stiven spilbeg shooting his movie)

Fabric also plays an important role in making
the innocent baju kurung sexy. some see tru,
some stretchable, some of the fabric is soo soft,
if u have a taik lalat idup somewhere in your hips..
it would also be visible.

And design!!
U cant show skin, U cant show shape,
then design it so that the mind wanders.
I luv this new trend teenagers are wearing nowadays... somewhat a cardigan tied to the chest, with tight t shirt underneath.
It makes us wonder..
how would u look like if u're wearing a two piece?

And your point is pocket?
well the itchy (Gatal) pocket says :
go on girls.. i luv it when u are naughty.
giving me hope to life, keeping the air in my lung.
my job is hard.. my life is harder.. never ending loans
with along calling me every other day. Can i just leave?
thank you for being there in my eyesight. U are a lifesaver.
go baby go!! (Ala ala stacey dalam Promotion vdo lagu 'Jahat'
comeeel ^^)

The tiny goodness inside pocket says :
(whatever left of the goodness inside this pocket)

'dik... menutup aurat tu bukan sekadar menutup kulit...
tapi menegah minda pemerhati dari berfikiran nakal tentang anda.'
humm hummmm....
so pocketeers.. any kenakalan lately?


syeka sweetheart said...

depa ikut trend..

Ayaq said...

Baju kurung..Saya suka yang kain satin tu..sejukkkk beeeest.

HEMY said...

betul betul

smpi kan rasa nk beli baju yg sama suh wife aku pk balik..ceh..buang duit..kat umah bukak terus je..ahahaha

Dee said...

tutup aurat pun dh jadi trend..

Pocket said...

trend tu pocket suka,
next is the seluar kecik yg lengloi berkaki slender dok pakai tu.

macam pocket ada gambar anda berbaju kurung satin tu.. ungu satu.. ijau batang pisang satu...

umph.. memang best :D

sexy tu bukan bukak terus,
sexy tu menyiksa penonton dengan cebisan cebisan gula >:D

memang dah jadi trend.
memang dah tutup.
tapi penonton masih teruja.
dengan bentuk design dan warna.

|arieza| said...

setuju ngn Dee.. ramai skrg tutup aurat kerana trend.. *sigh* tutur aurat kerana Allah.. tp siapalah aku ini utk berhujah...

Ayaq said... you have a picture of me in baju kurung? HOI! Gi save gambar aku kat blog ke?!

Cik Qemm said...