Tuesday, November 02, 2010

321. Defining Beauty...

So i read about bonsai the other day and i have come to learn
about the golden ratio of placement. Simply say.. if u have an
arm length of table to put some deco on, the best location
to put is at about 38% of your arm length from any end.
(This i dont create, somebody else who died
hundreds of years ago did..after doing some
study on sea shells and naked man picture)
It seems like easier for us to focus on that particular
location rather then just putting it in the middle.
and somehow those that u think is beautiful...
comply to this rules.
and so i tried...
This is the picture of Fonthip watcharatrakul,
she's the contestant of the 2010 miss world.
Why do i choose her pic instead of others is
because she's the only one posing straight forward
like when u wanna take your Identity Card while
others kept on showing their right chinbone upfront.
(Then why dont u try it on your own picture u may
ask? well finding out that i'm not only ugly by feeling
but also theoritically ugly by leonardo davinci's rules
is heart breaking)

Just to my surprise, the location of her nose is
exactly located 38% of the total length of her face (from her chin)
38/100 x 3.33" = 1.2654"
(Give it plus minus 0.1 to 0.2")

her mouth (The opening) was 62% of the total
distance from her chin to her nose.
(62% being the other half of 38% from a total of 100%)
62/100 x 1.26" = 0.78"

tried a bit more and found more amazing results,
Although i cant relate her eye location on X axis. humm
but anyway.. isnt this amazing?

so if she's beautiful, being the miss Thailand and everything,
and she complies with the golden rules, what about us?

so.. what are u waiting for? get your handphone
and start taking pic of yourself..
and tell me pocketeers? are u beautiful?


~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hhuhu.. agak lama xsinggah di sini... :(

en3 nie nmpak mcm menarik aje... ^.^

Ayaq said...

Oh chanteknya beliau. Macam Zhang Ziyi versi fuller lips. Heh heh.

aBoi said...

mata dia sangat cantik... !

saya juga cantik..hahahaha

Frodo Baggins said...

mss thailand? shinchan pun canteks jugerk. keh3x

Pocket said...

hooh, pocket pun dah lama tak kesana,
cuba tengok, maybe anda theoritically juga cantik :D

now pocket kena google up zhanziyi la plak.. oh oh..

mata dia besor...

shinchan memang cantik,
tapi dia tu 2D jer la beb..

Adila said...

kalau sendiri tak puji, sapa lg nak puji? ekekeke~

i super cantik~

Ismail N said...

Salam. Interesting theory.
Wondering if your theory kena guna pakai during Miss World Pageant?
still make sense kan?