Monday, November 15, 2010

327. More please...

am feeling a bit reluctant to post this story today,
cause she might be reading this.

A lady in my office bought an 11 inch lappy the other day,
i was one of those who gathered around and witness
her taking out that lappy to ask something about the
Wayales brukbeng that seems like not working.
all new and shiny, the protective sheet for the monitor
was still intact.

Its not that i havent seen anything better.
its the thought of an after SPM inspector buying
a lappy just because she got an extra 1 thousand ringgit
lying around the floor simply make me jealous.

i asked her..
'what do u do with this lappy?'
'other then FB, what else?
'nothing.. at the moment, its only for FB'

i thought there is so much more in the internet that
could interest a girl her age. but i may be wrong.
lets just sangka baik.
-she just finished her SPM the other day, she will most probably
be using that lappy if she enters University. good for her.
-she might even go overseas, then the lappy will be a necessity
to communicate with her parent cheaply. (Vdo calls or mails)
-she just bought the lappy for a few weeks.. she'll learn after
that internet is not about the interaction only, its about source
of info. something for u to learn.

then i thought to myself.
eh? what about u pocket?
what do u do with your 60ringgit paid to the TiEm Net?
eh eh? hooh la? nak buat aper lagi yer?
pocketeers sekalian buat aper yer ngan internet?
padan tak ngan 60 ringgit tu? (Kalau wayales brukbeng, pocket tak tau la kan)


nUR_rOsALiNdA said...

Lama x jenguk sini..
**Hehehe~lari tajuk

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

hehehe..i used my internet to:

find a job

then when i got a job, i use my internet to:

reply office e-mails when i'm at home.

so, it's all work.

of course, i blogged more when i was not working. seems empty. internet is just in the office and i don't get the chance to open it except for office use.

I wonder how much the company is paying for everyone's FB? Have they asked that question?

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe.. guna internet tuk men games, mencari teman2 lama (FB), blogging, memperkenalkan kedai sy dan byk laie.. :)

rm 60 tuk internet tu depend sebenarnya.. kalo memang ketagih guna internet memang berbaloi.. tapi sekadar jap aje, bek xyah.. membezir aje... :)

UglyPooh said...

I use for my thesis.
to find some info especially at sciendirect.

haiyaa..peningla ngn tesis pocket. mau tolong??

Kekanak Osaka said...

-booking hotel
-booking flight
-internet shopping
-guna google map tuk cari jalan supaya tak sesat
-DAN YANG PENTING SEKALI : chek time densha. huhu. takdak tenet, terlepaih la densha.

HEMY said...

60 tu antara yg termurah beb...selain adult web yg ko sll jenguk...leh je donlod citer..hehehe

Super Nia Hana said...

watashi..internet..utk...ntah..skanblogging dh malas..chatting malas...FB pun malas..nape?

Pocket said...

nak refer anda ngan nama pnuh lah :D

yes, pocket pun dah lama tak melompat kesana jgak.. sihat?

finding a job!!
yes i think i need to find a job too.
anyone wanna hire a movie reviewer?

company is not paying for everyone's FB, so dont FB during keja.. that is the same as stealing your company's money.
humm humm.. macampocket ni baik sangat jer.

tang memperkenalkan kedai n produk anda tu memang berbaloi.. so anda memang patut bayor wit brukbeng anda itu.

buleh bayor pocket ker kalau pocket tulong?
(Jahatnyer ayat tanpa keikhlasan)

yes!! thesis!! pocket pun nak wat thesis jgak lah.. eh? kejap? kenapa pocket nak kena wat thesis plak? :)

booking hotel!!
yes yes, memang buleh.. rasanya pocket dulu pun gi genting highland pakai net bookng jgak..

alamak kawan, pocket tak gi la websait dewasa.. alasan nyer pasal banyak sangat virus via entry, since pocket ni bangang sikit comp, so pocket tak gi lah... tapi kalau orang antar vdo tu memang pocket simpan hahahah:)

download movie!!
kat maner nak download yer?

kan.. sampai satu point tu,
kita sendiri pun tak tau kenapa kita bayar 60 hinggit ni :D..
pocket kebelakangan ni cuma dload lagu jer la kot. lagu lagu lama..

Cik Qemm said...

haha because Fb is so IN today.tapi as for me, I need internet to do some research. research in broad area.

and nowadays, FB is in my list too :)