Friday, November 12, 2010

326. Deny Me Please...

perbualan yang bebaru ni pocket dengar...

'waaah.. posing sakan nampak? kat mana ni?'
'heheh, biasa laa kak.. tgh hangat bercinta heheheh, auto-hug gitu.'
'alaaaah.. sekarang ni memang la..
bila dah anak dua nanti kurang la sikit'
ima just luv to ruin people's happy moment.

and this one hit me quite good..
'so aku amik la yang Selkom 1+5 tu..
so buleh aku sembang ngan awek aku murah sikit..'
Says the pocket trying to brag about his Phone Line.
'Farid.. u sembang lagi ker ngan wife u tru henpon?'
ima was asking farid without even lifting her head.
She's just like that, memang suka nak melemah kan
semangat pocket.

'dak dah.. benda penting jer, kat mana? bila nak sampai?
nak pesan apa apa tak? gitu gitu la kaaakk...'
'umph, Ima pun sama.. dulu masa bercinta..
naik keter tu tak berenti sembang..
sekarang ni dok dgr radio jer.. hummm' kata Ima.
'So pocket.. tak der nyer ko pakai line tu nanti.. heh heh'
I hate her..

hard to admit to this, but this is the fact.
Yes not all couple end up like this. but most couple do.
and if u consider 12 couple over 1000 is a minor number
till u can ignore it.. then this teori is statistically true.
(Enphasizing on the 'IS')

Tok kadi's hand shake turns the
beautiful luv to responsibility,
commitment and a few documentation
that follows.

ignore it as much as u want,
deny this with all your heart,
tell it to yourself a few hundred times
i know u need the sleep at night
but deep down inside.
u know what i'm typing here is the truth.

marriage is not the destination of luv, (If luv ever exist by the way)
marriage is just another level in the game of life.
u just need to get to this level to be able to do stuff.
-buying a house with two names,
-making kids with approval by law and community,
-the tax leway
and not to forget...
-someone to woke up next to early in the morning.

humm humm...

or is it kampung style is like this,
and u guys who are living in town
are not like this but on the contrary
living under the pink sky and not seeing
her a day is hell. Not to forget the
never ending attention towards your spouse?

Deny me please..
tell me wrong.

pocketeers, i think i'm sick..


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

ok now, amy kena betul2 pikir nak kawin ke tak? dah la amy jenis yg akan inform apa2 yg berubah since i knew him. if dah lepas kawin semuanya macam so-so je, macam tak best lah kan. but hoping that he is the minor people. =P

for me, kalo dlm hubungan tak dek love, macam tak bererti plak.

HEMY said...

sbb tu bila dh kawin n sblum kawin kena set minda tu utk something yg at least menghangatkan ghairah cinta tu..ekekeke

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe.. sy pun setuju ngan amy.. xde rsa cinta mna ada ertinya... :)

Cik Qemm said...

someone deny him please....

aduh ape pocket ni buat org berfikir ratusan kali nak kawin ni :(

takmo la cmni. if what u typed is statistically tru, then i want to be the minority.huhu~

someone please tell him that he was wrong...

Pocket said...

hey hey, i'm not saying do not get married... i'm just saying that the reality is there...
and we have to be prepare.
if he ever turns out that way..
(Which we pray to god he'll not)
then atleast u wont be that surprise with the actual dish served that is so different from the pic in the menu.

heheh, mengingat kan ghairah cinta tu satu caranya ialah dengan memikirkan yang dia tu masih lagi awek orang.

n kita ni nak ngorat:D

pergh!! mula la beli bunga tak hengat,
sembang romanting nak mampus :D
ridiculous kan.. yes i know..
but if this keeps the knot tight why not?

ada erti woo!!
now u can buy houses using two kwsp!!
the 400K semiD by the hill is reachable now :D

tapi kalau single?
teres setingkat jer buleh la kot :D
tak pun flet ^^;

tak der dik..
tak der orang nak bantah..

sila la sesapa letakkan karangan pocket ni di blog diorang so that others can deny this.. i still think less people will be denying this.

the best thing one can do would only be to strongly pointed out that love do exist and marriage is related with our religious requirement somehow... and by that i cant be saying much or else my iman is on the line.

some one can start to tell beautiful luv story, like how ed osmera loved his wife so much till he never got married again after the wife left him. but thats it, a minority story.

look at the big picture..
ask around.
u'll see

i think i'm sick ^^;

Dee said...

dee rasa lah pocket..lps kahwin ni mcm..kita dh tau semua ttg pasangan..there's no mystery anymore..maybe sbb tu lah kurang mencabar..kurang menarik..sbb tu rasa mcm love2 tu dh xde..yg ada cuma x salahkan kalo kita cuba perbaiki keadaan..feeling2 mcm mula2 jatuh cinta dulu..

sib baik hubby dr bercinta smpi skrg mmg bukan jenis selalu, skrg xlah terasa sgt..sama je..hehehe..