Tuesday, March 30, 2010

279. HangatHangat TaikAyam

i set my mind today that i wanna post something,
I was suppose to post something about Martian and
venusian yesterday but something happened and
i simply slept.So i got this craze to shoot people lately, i guess its this
urge i've developed after being bullied in the cruel world
of work. But in this world of law and order, u'r not allowed
to shoot people, unless u think that spending your last
moment in this world being locked up eating crap is a
vacation. Well u dont have to tell me that.

So how to shoot people and still be alive
to shoot again the next day?
PaintBall was the first word that comes out of my mind.
A friend of mine in the FesBuk is so into this PaintBall thing
that he bought the whole shabang, Looking at his photo
makes me felt like a little kid wanting to sign into the scout.
Everything looks great, the gear, gogles, gun... outfit.

Well boys will always be boys.

waaaahhh!! tu tak tgk dia pegang senapang lg tu:D

browse along on the gun and gear, hell its quite affordable
considering what i'm making monthly. well 12times payment
of course :D but still this urge to shoot people actually driven
me far. Too far... i'm half melting the ice that kept my credit card
from me already. (remember The confession of a shopaholic people?)
But then comes the question, will i still be shooting people
the same even after the gun is in my room, the gear is stinking
wet with my sweat, and i've won a few tournaments?
Will i be shooting the same?
How do u keep the passion, the enthusiasm, the habit?
40 hari mencari cinta? i dont think i can do 40 time or 40 weekend
of shooting bro.. people have limits.
Senapang yg maybe pocket akan guna.. nanti... nantiiiiiiiiiii..

shooting chicken with the sniper gun instead?
well that is something, but where's the fun in that?
I have tried so many things just to spend and failed.
I guess i got that from my father's side.
He was someone who abandon things.

so how can i stay the course..
stay with the same love..
shooting people (in the tournament of course)
enjoy the same thing i've started.
atleast for a while.. 40 years more maybe?


aBoi said...


~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

huhuhu... sape agak2nya yg nak kena shoot 2?? :p

ps : xsuka paintball lebih suka men "caping"... :p

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

hahahaha.... that's the word "hangat-hangat taik ayam".

my bizzness partner tgh demam bowling skang ni. last 2 week siap beli bola. last week beli untuk pakai tak tangan. and i think, today dia beli kasut pulak kot. what's a waste?? and for sure, i bet lah, next month he'll put aside those things.

last few months dia gila mancing udang. and nasib lah, amy nasihatkan dia supaya jgn beli alat memancing. if terror baru beli. nasihatku diguna pakai. nasib tak beli, now minat dia dah lari ke lain.

so pocket, i can't take him seriously since minat dia berubah2. so, dia minat org pun berubah2 jugak. maybe hari ni amy, esok org lain pulak. but one thing, if anything, he keep looking for me. cam amy tempat mengadu. kesian kat diri sendiri.... :(

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

uishh... panjang nya komen. LOL...

Adry said...

shooting pics much more easier and fun! hehehe

Dee said...

i won't buy all those things..tp kalo dh rasa nk shoot org..gi jelah main paintball..boleh je kan sewa..hehehe..sabar ye pocket..

KoudaGaijinsan said...

tembak cicak...aci tak???

Anonymous said...

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