Monday, March 01, 2010

270. It was gooood

In 500 days of summer, Tom was in an elevator
going up with Summer, he asked 'so how was weekend?'
'oh well,' stutter a bit, took a deep breath,
exhale and a smile that ends with a chuckle
'it was gooooooodddddd' emphasizing on the 'good'
area half singing the word with high tone in the
middle, lower tone on the 'G' and 'D'. Lower octave.
And by this Tom the greeting card writer connects the
whole 'good' as her way of describing
kinda 'good weekend' and starting to think that she's not available.
Which is actually not true, all you pocketeers do know
that woman describes 'gooooodddd' in nearly anything
they enjoy, it may be a long and kinky night or
it may as well be a short cheese cake session all by herself.

So, men can get confuse with intonations,
ladies make the best intonations rather then men,
that is why some men actually falls for a lady friend
just because she say ... 'Ollloooooooo' long and winding
with shoulder gesture just to complicate things up.
'Sayer?' abrupt and short with a smile and a bit of
lips biting gesture, blushing a bit...
now hearing this, a man is already thinking bout
the bed or the ring and how many month of maggi
for dinner does it take to buy them.
When the lady is actually asking a polite question
of who is going to drive her to the kenduri tomorrow
if he is not.

Now pocketeers, if one can even get confused over
some words fully embedded with intonation lovely as
a song in them, imagine us in this non'intonation'
world of blogging.

One can write 'sy suker:)'
but another can read the same words like a politician
saying 'saya suka' with eyes half shut thinking how can
he benefit from this.

And another can read the same words like a girl confessing
her love with 'awak' at the end. 'Saya suker awak:)'

So lets this be a word of advise to me,
let us be true in our words.
Let there be no hidden meaning in what we type,
and let us not jump up and starts to bersilat over
some seems-like-offending banter.
and enjoy blogging world as we are now :D

happy monday pocketeers:)


ielamorry said...

ouh ouh, i like ur entry soo much,
especially when u start it with the 500 days of summer scene tu. hoho. cool post.

i am soooo clear with the word i wrote above kaaan? *wink*

defenitely link you! haha.

Kujie said...

lor, dah tak leh read between the lines ke ni

kena mentafsir yang tulus dan clear bak kristal?

hehehe..i fel guuuuud....neng...neng...neng...

Jard The Great said...

hehehe..... kena pandai express with words.. becoz there's no intonation

Ayaq masak said...

Selamat hari Isnin kepada anda jugak!

poooh said...

pocket...not only woman also like to make us confuse wif their intonation and words. hmm....

cikTi said...

tma kasih sudi dtg blogku,.'''


*SiRibenMerah said...

selalu salah anggap kan..
ayat-ayat cinta jadi ayat-ayat gaduh..

ouhhhhh~ macam2 ada..

HEMY said...

saya suker entri iniiiiiii~~~~~

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...


nice tauuuuu !

Dee said...

kata2 dan intonasi sgt2 penting..lain intonasi lain maksud yg dibawa..hehehe..

filantera said...

Hitch ~ ".. 60% of all human communication is nonverbal, body language; 30% is your tone, so that means 90% of what you're saying ain't coming out of your mouth. Of course she's going to lie to you! She's a nice person! She doesn't want to hurt your feelings!"
so in ym....kita dpt just 10% je kan!

lieya orange M.I. said...

...baca dalam hati, ada feel baru tak salah intonation kut...heheee

...happy monday pocket=D

~LP Lum~ said...

salam pocket~

hehehe... pas nie susah ar sy... kang slah intonasi.. salah phm lak eik... ;p

Arjuna Qaseh said...